How Film and TV Accounting in China will Be in 2019

The Chinese film industry has become the world’s second-largest movie market, and Hollywood has modified their films to pass the screening board of the Chinese government so that their films will be granted permission to be shown in China for additional profit. The industry managed to outperform several other film markets, and Chinese directors and producers are investing in top quality films that rival that of Hollywood. Many film experts have shared their thoughts about the 10 predictions for Chinas film industry in 2019, and some were positive about the performance of the Chinese movie industry this year because of their continued expansion into the Hollywood scene.

Box Office Numbers

Calculating the performances of other movies in the past has brought experts to conclude that in 2019, the Chinese movie industry will get a box office hit of 65 billion yuan, or approximately US $10 billion. Marvel’s upcoming film, Avengers: End Game, is predicted to earn more than 3 billion yuan or the US $445 million once it is shown in Chinese theaters. Avengers: End Game is also expected to break previous movie records in China, and they would rival some of the most iconic Chinese films. The directors and producers of the movie have expressed their confidence that Avengers: End Game would rake in a lot of profit in Asia, with China on the top of the list.

Spring Festival and New Year’s Day PerformancesFilm experts in China are also stating that the Spring Festival could break more than 7 billion yuan in ticket sales, as the New Year’s Day sales in China have reached more than 1.6 billion yuan. It will be the first time that the Chinese movie industry will reach a billion profit for six consecutive days.

The Top Blockbusters

It was predicted that the top 12 highest grossing films in China will take most of the profit this year. It will be a mix between Chinese-made films and Hollywood films. The traditional film companies in China would make a huge comeback this year, and they will serve the online market, creating beautiful stories that highlight the glory of ancient China.

Founding Anniversary of the People’s Republic of China

In 2019, the People’s Republic of China will be celebrating its 70th foundation anniversary. Many experts believe that the celebrations would affect the film industry in a positive way because of the festivities that would be taking place. Despite the healthy film industry foreseen this year, many experts are still warning about the sluggish performance of the stock market that might affect the industry.

New Content

Companies which are experimenting on new content might hit gold, as the demand for unique movies is increasing. Producers will use software programs like GreenSlate to monitor their expenses too. Visit this page to learn more about the software.

Year of the Science Fiction

The Chinese movie industry is expected to create more science-fiction themed films this year. 2019 Signals a Healthy Year for Movies. This year is expected to become the best year of the upcoming decade, as the film industry continues to earn a lot.

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