What is a Student Portfolio? Why is it the Best Form of Assessment?

Online-based student portfolios have so many benefits. Number one, it is an excellent way of formative assessment for any type of project. Online student-based portfolios also allow the parents to access the students’ work. It also saves paper and prevents teachers from having to throw away beautifully created student projects at the end of the school year. It also allows other students to have access to other students’ work as a way to get ideas for a creative project. Portfolios are also another form of differentiation for learners of all levels. It is an excellent way to enhance the abilities of a special needs student. It can also be another way to have a visual of a SEN student’s work to display with their Independent Learning Plan. 

National Education Association is one of the main educational websites that provides a list of assessment alternatives and ways to create a student portfolio. Many teachers nowadays prefer to use online-based portfolios because they’re easier to organize. 
Some teachers like to create homework-based portfolios for their students as well. This also allows both the teacher and the student to keep track of how much homework they have completed. Some teachers provide their students with a dated check list. This saves the teacher the hassle of having to keep up with late assignments. It also teaches the student how to be accountable and take ownership of respecting deadlines. This allows the student to calculate their grade point average along with class work and homework assignments. This also helps the teacher to justify to the parents why a student lost points towards their overall grade average. 

A writing portfolio is another excellent way to allow a student to assess their own writing progress. Normally writing portfolios should contain at least two or three writing drafts. This can also be used along with a self-peer edit sheet in which the student keeps a log of spelling, writing and structural errors. It helps the student to self-edit and keep track of the development of their writing skills and abilities. It is also an excellent way for teachers to discuss student progress with parents and provides a visual of that progress. Teachers can also allow the students to present their portfolios to their parents if they choose.

Online-based student portfolios, such as those found on ClassDojo for example, allow teachers to build an online community of student-based work. It also allows teachers to share valuable teaching and learning moments through videos with other schools in your network. Teachers and parents can exchange dialogue about their child’s progress. It also allows students to peer edit other students’ writings. One student can message another student and monitor his response towards another student’s writing assignment or project. 

Other forms of student portfolios include blogs, self-created Wikipedia pages, and videos. Another benefit of online-based student portfolio’s is that it promotes 21st century learning and critical thinking skills. You can use cross curriculum methods by allowing students to recreate stories based upon a historical time period and reference.

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