GoDonut, world’s most portable and universal stand for tablets and phones

The GoDonut is a next-level portable and universal stand for tablets and smartphones, offering 360 degrees of rotation for the perfect angle and a weighted base.

The team at GoDonut is unveiling their innovative tablet and smartphone stand now, exclusively on Kickstarter. The new weighted stand is designed to safely and securely hold various tablets and smartphones while offering 360-degree positioning to provide the perfect angle.

Whether users want to hold their device from a standing position, view it from eye level, or lay down and use their device, the GoDonut accommodates.

The GoDonut offers a number of other benefits that make it a next-level stand that surpasses competitors in practicality, eco-friendliness, and style.

With the GoDonut, users can comfortably view their device from various angles while enjoying stability for typing. In addition, GoDonuts can be easily washed, and they can even be stacked.

GoDonut stands are made with recyclable, eco-friendly materials and come in an array of finishes and colors.

The everyday uses for GoDonut are virtually endless. Students, cooks, families, and professionals alike can use the GoDonut in various settings, including office use, digital note taking, front desk sign in, and much more.

“GoDonut offers everything you want in a mobile device stand – it’s compact, lightweight, and convenient to use,” said the GoDonut team. It can even be used as a retail display, sign holder, display for sunglasses or glasses, and a business card holder.

Through their newly launched Kickstarter campaign, the GoDonut team aims to raise $60,000 towards the production of their stand. Backers can receive a number of exclusive perks depending on their pledges; some of these perks include early bird deals, GoDonut 360 Swivel Phone and Tablet Stands, and the GoDonut 360 Swivel Hydro Dip Phone and Tablet Stand.

These perks are slated to be delivered in April 2019. More information can be found at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/godonut/godonut?ref=6rv31l

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