Investors Choice Lending is the Premier Hard Money Lender in Seattle, WA for Real Estate Investors

Seattle, WA – Investors Choice Lending, the Seattle-based hard money lending company has been helping many real estate investors cash in on new deals, grow their wealth, and have good returns on their investments through their loan offerings. Since their lending company has focused on one specific area, their customized loan offering has produced tremendous results for real estate investors.

Real estate investing requires huge sums of capital. Without capital, property investors are not able to grow their real estate holdings and provide affordable housing solutions to many individuals. As a leading company focused on the real estate market, Investors Choice Lending in Seattle provides long-term financing solutions to real estate investors investing in 1-4 unit multifamily, up to 30+ condo units and mixed-use commercial properties.

Instead of using the proverbial income-based lending adopted by the banks and financial institutions for verification purposes, they use asset-based verification. They offer no income verification, helping real estate investors to get the needed capital to take on new projects. 30-year cash out refinancing solutions is available for real estate investors looking for a long-term financing solution, starting at 7.5%.

One of the pitfalls of traditional bank lending is the long period of time it takes to process and deliver the loans. At Investors Choice Lending, the Seattle hard money lending firm, they take pride in the fact that they are able to provide funding in a matter of hours or days. They settle all details on the phone and have an attorney close the deal at the real estate investor’s home to complete the deal.

Investors Choice Lending, the Seattle hard money lenders have real estate experts who are skilled in real estate financing. They do not just offer loans to real estate investors, they also educate them on how to improve and get a high return on investments. The following outlines a profile of their company’s offerings:

  • No income verification

  • No tax returns

  • Fixed rate 30-year mortgages

  • Buy and hold for long-term wealth

  • 80% LTV for purchases

  • No seasoning on the length of property ownership

  • Mixed-use commercial fixed rate cash-out refinancing

  • Programs for damaged credit

  • Bridge loans, short-term quick financing/1-4 units, and commercial properties

  • 80% cash-out refinance now available

Investors Choice Lending is located at 1511 3rd Ave, Seattle, WA, 98101. For inquiries, c
ontact their team via phone at (800) 834-4945 or via email at Visit their website for additional information regarding their hard money lending services and products.

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