Facially deformed writer and motivational speaker inspires the world

Facially deformed motivational speaker and novelist, Corey Taylor, inspires the world using his experiences and skills.

Corey was born with a severe facial deformity, called craniofacial deformity. Left eye underdeveloped a skull that was caving in and a non-existent nose Doctors said that he would be dead before clocking 16. Corey has fought against all odds not only to is he still alive with no issues in sight despite the doctors decree, Corey serves as a source of inspiration to millions of people in similar situations across the globe. Corey is now 30 and has over the years been using his skills and experiences to inspire people as a motivational speaker and novelist.

The world is tough enough for an average individual, considering the several challenges people face in their everyday life. It is even more difficult for persons living with one form of deformity or challenge or the other as they are usually seen as a burden to the society. Corey Taylor’s case was exceptional as was not only born with a severe deformity but was also told that he would not make it past being a teenager. With more than 50 surgeries and now 30 years old, Corey aims to show the world anyone and everyone can live their dream and achieve their goals regardless of their situation.

Corey is more than an inspiration to the world as he has not only grown to become a writer and public speaker but also spent 8 years being a caregiver for his mother and his grandmother. He has done several podcasts as well as radio and television interviews and looks forward to doing even more, to tell his story to the world and sharing how he has been able to survive against all odds.

With more than a decade as a writer, Corey has published several articles online and in a local newspaper and aims to release his book “SMALL TOWN STATE OF MIND” soon. His podcasts and articles have gone a long to show people that they truly can do anything they put their minds to with the right mindset, determination, and passion. Consequently, he has received several accolades from different quarters as a motivator.

“I was inspired by Corey. Listening to what he has gone through, how he dealt with it mixed in with his moms and grandmas wisdom. I enjoyed his talk immensely. Thank you Corey for coming to our community center to speak.” – Annie Horsham – Coordinator of Empowering Port Jervis.

Corey is currently open to interviews and of any sort and considers himself an open book and just wants to inspire the world by being himself and he is doing just that.

More information about Corey R Taylor and his works can be found on his website and YouTube and by E-MAIL at Coreyt0304@gmail.com

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