Dr. Leo Fung Announces the Launch of its New Clinic

Bellingham, WA – January 25, 2019 – Dr. Leo Fung, a professional physician in Bellingham, is pleased to announce the opening of his new clinic. The reliable medical professional is proud to present a state-of-the-art facility for the superb quality medical care accessible. It’s one of his top priorities to safeguard the well-being of his valued patients. For this reason, his new office meets and surpasses all standards.

The initial appointment will be composed of a consultation by which Dr. Fung will explain the patient’s diagnosis and treatment options. Most of the time, treatment could be done the same day as the consultation. Nevertheless, an elaborate medical history or a treatment plan will need an assessment and a second appointment to present treatment the next day.

Dr. Leo Fung dedicates his time to enhancing the access to public healthcare through presenting continuous quality care in his state-of-the-art clinic. He is one of those successful physicians who are comfortable with being very close to other individuals. He always tries to learn more about his patients on a much personal level before starting treatment to make patients feel more at ease and comfortable. That puts Dr. Fung’s patients at ease at the same time, makes them feel like the medical specialist truly cares about them as healthy individuals, not only about their condition.

Physicians are not robots. The profession needs technique and mastery unique to the profession. Each day, it brings a new challenge. Dr. Fung always stays on top of the latest trends and news that could contradict something which was understood way back in medical school. In short, advancements are done within the field. He learned new information which improves what he’d already committed to memory.

The good thing about Dr. Fung is that he’s a natural leader. He not only leads his team of assistants, and technicians, but he also manages other staff like the receptionist. He also makes high-level business decisions for his practice.  

The new clinic of Dr. Fung is open six days a week and is committed to offering quality and compassionate care in keeping with his mission of caring with passion. Dr. Fung is very excited to provide medical services to the community of Bellingham, and he’s confident that his team will present superb medical services at their new clinic.

About Dr. Leo Fung:

Dr. Leo Fung is a professional physician that provides quality and reliable medical care services to his patients. He has a keen ability to distill complicated processes and procedures into easy to understand language so that patients can understand precisely what’s going on their health and any processes which he suggests. He also to great lengths to make his patients relaxed and comfortable without pain.

For more information about the services Dr. Leo Fung offers, contact him at  360-736-8171 or send him an email at leofungcoffee@gmail.com for other concerns and queries.

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