Technology Driven Core Value Yinbo International Continuation of Science and Technology Legend

Yinbo International belongs to Mutual Rise Capital International Group Ltd, referred to as MRCIG. MRCIG operated as a private limited liability company in 2004; Fitch International Credit Rating Company gave AA + long-term credit rating; it is a leading independent investment bank, securities trading and investment management company. At present, the group has introduced a large number of investment in the international scope, mainly including some special industries, such as artificial intelligence, gambling and entertainment, non-ferrous mineral investment, real estate development and so on.

Compared with other investment companies, Yinbo International Group is a systematic technology-based investment company registered in Delaware, USA. It uses scientific means to conduct transactions. It is a leader in the field of technology investment. It has more than 15 years’experience in the field of value-driven, model-based trading system development.

Besides, Yinbo International Group has more than 20,000,000 GB of data. It can complete 10,14-power calculations per second. More than two-thirds of its R&D staff are experimented with. More than 60% of its employees have no financial background and manage a huge amount of capital. Yinbo Financial Group combines massive data, world-class computer systems and financial experts to complete high-end trading models, and also optimizes investment and manages risks with a scientific and technological perspective.

Such top technology is bound to lack excellent team. Yinbo International Group has an excellent leadership team, which has been rooted in the industry for decades and has brought Yinbo International to a glorious temple.

Mr. Todd:


Yinbo International CEO, Global Strategic Investment Consultant, Master of Financial Engineering, University of Chicago, USA. With years of hard work by the elite team led by Yinbo International, Yinbo International has become one of the largest alternative asset management institutions in Southeast Asia.

Mr. Brian:

Yinbo International COO, Doctor of Economics, University of Chicago, USA. With 14 years of experience in traditional Internet and mobile internet, we mainly focus on early investment in Internet and other fields. At the same time, we are familiar with all kinds of financial instruments, relevant laws and regulations of various countries and well-known international lawyers, which is a sharp edge for our company to expand overseas markets.

Mr. Tom Fisher:

Yinbo International CTO, fully responsible for the company’s technology-based profit analysis. Has rich technical experience and project management experience, research fields include cryptography, algorithm introduction, statistical model theory, and many years of C/C++ development experience, system architect background, design and implementation of large-scale concurrency control hierarchical server architecture, the current group chief technical officer.

In addition, as an AI research team in Silicon Valley, Yinbo International Group has rich technical experience and project management experience. The research fields include cryptography, algorithm introduction, statistical model principle, design, application and actual combat. Years of C/C++ development experience, good at technical public relations, research, improvement and innovation, Mr. Nikita Larchikhin system architect background, design and implement large-scale concurrency control hierarchical server architecture, the current company’s chief operating and technical director, leading the research and development of artificial intelligence underlying technology.

Yinbo Financial Group will continue to use machine learning, distributed computing and other cutting-edge technology methods. It will also use fresh ideas and economic assumptions as a starting point to test and expand it with scientific means. In the future, Yinbo Financial Group will undoubtedly be the model of leading the trend of the times and the scientist, whose legend may continue to be written.

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