The number of exchanges in Hubi Global Alliance has bucked the trend, and the bonus is far from over

On November 27, 2018, Alexandre Dreyfus, an encrypted currency analyst, tweeted that, according to Coinmarketcap, there is more demand to list new exchanges than new tokens. Later, Zhao Changpeng forwarded the tweet and commented, “Still? I was hoping with the current market, we will see less than 100 new exchanges per day.”

No matter how bad the digital money market is, it has failed to dampen the enthusiasm of exchange investors. The counter-market growth in the number of exchanges shows that the exchange war is far from over! It is believe that in the near future, the number of digital currency exchanges will be as many as Taobao stores, as many bicycles are shared, and even everyone can open an exchange.

1. Why do more and more exchanges come into being?

First of all, we analyze the function of the exchange. From the perspective of most users and project parties, exchanges are used to centralize transactions between buyers and sellers, to provide liquidity for project tokens, and to store digital currency.

But from the point of view of the whole digital currency ecology, the exchange not only has the above functions, but also has the more important function that can be used to sell and circulate its own token. With the introduction of ETH smart contract, the issuance of digital currency has almost no threshold. People with a little technical foundation and industry knowledge can easily issue token based on ETH.

It’s easy to issue tokens, but it’s hard to get them circulated. If token goes to the top exchanges, the circulation efficiency will be more efficient, but the corresponding cost will be very high. Top exchanges are crowded with a large number of platform users, and the project side does not have much bargaining power. If the project side wants to make coin listing on large exchanges, it will inevitably pay a high fee for the currency.

However, if the project side goes online, it is not to let its token appreciate in a short time, but just to facilitate the sale and circulation of token. Then there is no need for expensive top exchanges. Small exchanges are enough to sell and circulate token. In addition, the project side has another option, which is to open its own exchange to improve the circulation of token, so that it can not only easily make the coin listing, but also have the independent operation rights of the exchange. It can be said that as long as the trend of future coin issuance and token issuance remains unchanged, exchanges will not be surplus, but will be more.

Second, the cost of opening a small exchange can be very low. However, at this stage, when we measure the cost of the exchange, we often confine ourselves to the big exchanges such as Huobi, Binance and OKEx. We can see the number of their employees, the investment in security and the expenditure of defending rights. We can draw a conclusion that the cost of opening the exchange is too high.

This is an accessibility bias. In fact, the cost of opening an exchange is not high. Hubi Global Alliance (HBGA) has the world’s leading technology services. You don’t need to know the technology. You can easily own an exclusive operation exchange with 5700 USDT, and the cost can be returned 100%.

Hubi Global Alliance (HBGA) is an exchange alliance initiated by Hubi, everyone is a super node.

By joining HBGA, you can have the following 8 advantages:

1. Autonomous Operating Rights of Exchanges

Hubi Global Alliance (HBGA) is the first human-node exchange alliance in the world. Everyone can own their own Exchange, which can collect transaction fees, independently deposit and issue coins, and form a consensus with other super nodes in the alliance, so as to realize the autonomous decentralization management and independent operation of each alliance node.

2. Global Leading Technological Services

Hubi Global Alliance provides perfect infrastructure for super nodes, including technical framework, security protection system, order matching system, multi-level wallet, independent management background and other functional components. Let everyone have a proprietary digital asset exchange easily, quickly and at a low threshold. In addition, Hubi Global Alliance offers the following personalized services:

Personalized Configuration

You can use your own independent domain name

Support self-owned brand building, such as custom logo, Slogan, etc.

Support custom transaction module layout;

App, Web, WAP, PC client and other access methods;

Support multi-language and multi-currency.

3. Three-dimensional Brand Marketing

By joining Hubi Global Alliance, you can immediately enjoy the strong brand endorsement of Hubi and seize the initiative in the digital currency boom. Provide personalized brand marketing service support for super nodes and share channel resources, including brand exposure, channel opening and advertising.

4. Diversified Marketing Tools

Hubi Global Alliance provides a variety of tool-based sinking services, such as customized marketing tools (candy airdrops, invitations to commission returns, etc.), so that the marketing of super nodes can achieve twice the result with half the effort.

5. Alliance Exclusive Customer Service

The exclusive customer service of the alliance is online 7 x24 hours in both Chinese and English, timely respond to customer questions and make regular return visits. Each Hubi Global Alliance super node is matched with super node manager, provided with one-to-one service.

6. Alliance Business School Training

Alliance Business School provides tools, content, resources, customer service support, as well as training and support from world-class block chain teams to make it easy for you to operate exchanges.

7. Enjoy the Ecological Bonus of the Alliance

HUB (Hubi Blockchain) ecological currency is issued by HB Singapore Foundation (HB Global Blockchain Foundation Limited) as a global token connecting Hubi ecological system, carrying the ecological rights, circulation attributes and value consensus. HUB is not privately offered, no ICO, no airdrop, no gifts, and never free of charge. Its total issuance is a constant of 5 billion, and it guarantees never additional issuance.

Hubi Global Alliance super node enjoys alliance rights and ecological dividends, and bears corresponding rights and dividends through HUB.

Joint Voting on Coin Listing Rights

Hubi Global Alliance launched the voting consensus mechanism. The super nodes of Hubi Global Alliance have a high degree of consensus, and the HUB is the equity units. The Alliance jointly votes on coin listing, and the users of the Alliance can get a dividend of the transaction fee of the project currency, and realize voting is mining.

HUB holders can enjoy the right to jointly vote on coin listing via Hubi Global Alliance.

‚óŹ Hubi Global Alliance Node as mining

Hubi Global Alliance super nodes have a high degree of consensus, share the Alliance ecological dividend, and can obtain the corresponding Alliance ecological dividend according to the total number of circulating HUB held in the node, so as to realize the node mining.

Hubi Global Alliance super nodes, enjoy mining bonus. Mining dividends are as follows:

The mining bonus of the super node = (total transaction fee of the alliance *20%) *50%* (total HUB holdings of the super node/all available HUB).

HUB holders can enjoy Hubi Global Alliance “Node as Mining” dividends.

8. Shared Alliance Transaction Depth and Liquidity

Every exchange in the Hubi Global Alliance is built on the same safe and sound “newly digital currency trading system”. The rights of the alliance super nodes are equal. User orders of each alliance substation are automatically matched within the exchange first. If the order can not be completed in time, then it will be further matched and merged between the super nodes of the whole alliance to complete the transaction.

The systematic design of the Hubi Global Alliance to share transaction depth and liquidity has many benefits. For the super nodes, Hubi Global Alliance is a very important value hub, which can generate considerable direct income and digital currency precipitation for the super nodes within the Alliance. For the project side, Hubi Global Alliance enables as many exchanges as possible on the project, as well as providing larger scenarios and wider flow of value for the project.

By sharing transaction depth and liquidity, Hubi Global Alliance can quickly form a global circulation of alliance transaction service ecosystem.


2. Is there any chance of success for the new exchange?

Exchange giants have capital, technology and users. In this case, will new entrants have a chance to succeed?

Of course!

Now the total market value of the whole digital currency market is about $200 billion, and has reached an all-time high of $800 billion. At present, the world’s largest U.S. stock market has a total market value of $31 trillion. Compared with the US stock market, the digital currency market is like a newborn baby. However, as digital currency circulates globally, its market value is bound to double. Assuming that the future digital currency market will reach the same magnitude as the current US stock market, its market value will double 150 times. Maybe the trading unicorn of that time hasn’t appeared yet.

Compared with the total population of the world, the number of users of digital currency is hardly worth mentioning. It is believe that the number of users of digital currency will increase hundreds or even thousands of times in the future. At the same time, the number of users of the exchange will increase by hundreds of times, and the dividend of the exchange is far from over.

Imagine, in such a potential digital currency market, how could the new exchange not have the opportunity?

Hubi Global Alliance is recruiting Global super nodes. Now apply to join, zero threshold, the lowest price! What else would you like to know? Please contact or add business advice (WeChat ID: L Yin zhen1019).

We welcome more blockchain institutions to become super nodes of Hubi Global Alliance, to jointly build Hubi ecology and share the ecological bonus of the Alliance.

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