Hongbing Hua Makes His Debut to the World by Presenting Mobile Management Marketing

In the past industrial economic era, three books had made tremendous impact to the world. They are The Practice of Management by Peter F. Drucker’s, Marketing Management by Philip Kotler and Positioning by Jack Trout. In the mobile Internet era of today, HONGBING HUA has presented his book entitled Mobile Marketing Management, a masterpiece which will be of major significance to the world.

Hongbing Hua Makes His Debut to the World by Presenting Mobile Management Marketing

With dedication in research and practice, Hongbing Hua has spent 10 years in writing his book. He has invented his own theories which integrated principles in algorithm, management, marketing and positioning. With brand-new perspective and methodology, the book not only draws on the success stories of China’s massive mobile Internet era but also analyzed nearly 100 business cases from United States, Britain and Japan. Most importantly, HUA has developed 4S theory based on the classical 4C, 4P, 4R, 4V marketing theories. The 4S theory refers to Service, Substance, Super User, and Space.

Mobile Marketing Management has presented a series of fresh ideas, such as “All the industries are service in the core.” “Super users formed by the connection of consumers,we should lead those seed-users and eventually build up the fan economy.” “In the space of mobile Internet, new technology of ABCD (refers to Artificial intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud Computing and Data respectively) is accelerating the iteration of each industry cycle and we have started a multi-dimensional marketing period.”beginning to merge with the world, and so on.

The book was published by Routledge/Productivity Press, a subsidiary of T&F. This is the first monograph published by a leading publishing group in US in the field of mobile marketing management written by a Chinese scholar.

The author, Hongbing Hua is Founder of Mobile Marketing Discipline, Famous Brand Marketing and Planning Expert and he has been honoured as “Father of Mobile Marketing”.

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