Life Force Academy Appears on the Nasdaq Screen and Reuters Screen in New York, USA

Recently, Life Force Academy appeared on the Nasdaq screen and Reuters screen in New York, United States. It is understood that Times Square in New York is the intersection of wealth and culture in the world. Here, the annual average passenger flow and personnel flow are tens of millions and hundreds of millions respectively. Life Force Academy, as a training institute affecting tens of thousands of people’s physical and mental growth as well as health management, why did it appear on the two screens? It is well worth exploring the reasons behind the phenomenon.

Creativity/belief/healing/centripetal force are the four unique dimensions of Life Force courses which are offered in China, the United States, Dubai, India and Bali. Life Force courses guide a new way of life, and also provide a practical learning platform, focusing on improving life efficiency and balancing physical and mental health. The courses offered throughout the year are vitality-golden efficacy, anthroposophical diet, yoga, and belief remodeling, which are reputed as the compulsory courses of happy life.

Zhan Xin, the President & Founder, was granted the Asian Outstanding Woman Leadership Award by Asia College of Knowledge Management in Hong Kong, and she is also a practitioner of wonderful life force.

Zhan Xin has experienced from a well-known model to a patient being diagnosed with cancer, when she was only 20 years old. From then on, she began to explore the world of physical and mental growth. Through the practice of life force effectiveness, self-transformation of internal science and anthroposophical diet, she not only became healthy again, but also started to share the overall life force technology. In 14 years, Zhan Xin has helped tens of thousands of people recover their health and beauty against various physical and mental diseases and won a lot of awards in business achievements. In 2019, she got the Asian Outstanding Woman Leadership Award and appeared on the world famous screens. (double screens of Nasdaq and Times Square in US).

Life force is also called Prana, the concept of which exists in many cultures. In China, it is called “qi” as we know the origin of Qigong. Whereas, Japanese people call it “ki” and Greeks call it “pneuma”. It affects one’s physical and mental health, emotional relationships, career effectiveness, lucky value, sense of security, self-confidence and self-esteem, etc. Therefore, it is particularly important for us to build up positive life force. Besides, one needs to be very aware of his own state of life force, and understand how to quickly upgrade and adjust it.

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