Jiaqi Hu (Hu Jiaqi) – the Anthropologist Appeals to Limit the Development of Science and Technology

Jiaqi Hu (chinese name: Hu Jiaqi) is a famous anthropologist and writer. “The continued development of science and technology will inevitably destroy humanity soon!” Jiaqi Hu has been always worried about the issue of human extinction and the irrational development of science and technology. In the eyes of Jiaqi Hu, who has devoted himself to studying the fate of humanity for nearly 40 years, this is not an alarmist. He has condensed his nearly 40 years of research. In the book Saving Humanity, it not only raises questions about the direction of human development, but also throws out a solution-the transition to a “great unity” world. Is this a “madness” or a truth? Let us make an investigation.

In Saving Humanity, Jiaqi Hu(Hu Jiaqi) mentioned the immense threat to the survival of mankind by the irrational development of science and technology. “Science and technology is a double-edged sword. It can both benefit human beings and destroy human beings. The stronger the ability to benefit human beings, the greater the power of destroying human beings. We are worried that the infinite expansion of its destructive power will destroy us human beings. If people can’t live, all our values are worthless. For those obviously safe and mature technologies, we should not only limit it, but spread it widely to the world and benefit it for us. For those dangerous technologies, we must limit it and strictly limit it. Because our human existence is the most important thing.

So how can we limit the development of technology? Jiaqi Hu (Hu Jiaqi) believes that human beings need to consider the issue at the level of the human’s fate for the first time.

Saving Humanity pointed out: “It is impossible for us to limit the development of science and technology. Because the social form of our society today is the state society, the highest power is the country not the United Nations. It is a kind of competition among the states and the countries and whether this kind of competition is economic competition, military competition or other competitions. In the final analysis, it is the competition of science and technology, because science and technology are the primary productive forces. The competition between countries is very cruel. It is often manifested in the form of war. The losers of war maybe slaughtered. So, no country can despise such competition, no country may limit the development of science and technology for the benefit of mankind. I believe that in order to limit the development of science and technology, mankind must move toward greater unity and use the power of the world government to limit the development of science and technology. Because the world government is the only one. There are no other institutions to compete with it. The world government only represents the human benefit and only the interests of humanity. Therefore, it’s possible to rely on the power of government to limit the development of science and technology.”

In the eyes of anthropologist Jiaqi Hu (Hu Jiaqi), the great unified world is a “peaceful and friendly society” and a new non-competitive society. It is a society that is rich in wealth and has considerable welfare guarantees and fully reflects human rights. Of course, the most fundamental and most important thing is that the great unified world guarantees humanity from self-extinction and naturally proliferates.

The destiny of mankind can’t rely on someone but the whole mankind. For this reason, Jiaqi Hu has been calling for it. He sent his book and CD to political, business, and cultural leaders who could influence the human process. This behavior has lasted for many years. In the face of the overall human process, perhaps the power of the individual is small, but it’s great that he dedicated his life to the act of saving mankind. As one of the thousands of creatures, human beings need to wake up and unite to protect their homeland.

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