ShipmentMentor is the Ultimate Automated Tracking Solution for Online Businesses & E-commerce Sites

ShipmentMentor is an innovative platform that can automatically track the latest status of your order via UPS, USPS, FedEx and lets you fully organize and filter to streamline your shipments. With the help of status messages, emails and webhooks, the platform tracks and notifies the status of orders from pickup to delivery.

Proactively offering tracking options has become an e-commerce best practice. As a seller, some of your customers will complete their order and not think about it again until it arrives. But many want to know exactly where their order is throughout the shipping and delivery process. ShipmentMentor allows you to create and manage tracking numbers for your own shipments to satisfy your customers and empower your business.

With ShipmentMentor, online businesses and e-commerce sites of all sizes can track shipments fast, with the best rates. ShipmentMentor ensures all your orders play nice, whether you ship with USPS, UPS, FedEx, or Canada Post. Customers will have the chance to check the shipping status and you won’t run the risk of losing track of your products and having unsatisfied customers spreading bad opinions about your store.

ShipmentMentor is the easiest shipment tracking platform on the market. It reduces costly calls from customers inquiring about the status of their order; it encourages your customers to return to your website, or stay longer, to increase chances of additional purchases or cross-opportunities; and most importantly, it makes your business appear trustworthy and reliable. ShipmentMentor is the perfect delivery logistics solution for companies for managing complex delivery operations and logistical processes in real-time and with full visibility.

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