Honey Island Kayak Swamp Tours encourages tour guest to take eco actions

Do you enjoy eco-adventure? You can now take tours, have fun and win a free t-shirts. Honey Island Kayak Swamp Tour beckon on all Eco-adventurers to come have fun, discover the old growth cypress forest, enjoy  an ecologically sensitive narrative from the guide and an enjoyable smile to follow through the maze of wetlands and swamps around the Honey Island swamp.

Touring can make your life happier, it can be one of the best thing that happens to you. You get to see and learn new things. You get to see life hidden treasures, and experience nature at it’s finest. Nothing beats a guided tour, you listen to beautiful stories of nature and experience the calmness that comes with the ride.

Honey Island Swamp just 35 minutes from New Orleans, LA, is one of the best place to consider when thinking of a place to go. Here there are many opportunity for widelife photographs. Tour guides give you the best narratives of the ecology and you are guaranteed to leave with a smile. The best part is that tourist are encourages to take eco action, by doing so such guest goes home with a free t-shirts gift.  

“We encourage our participants to pick up trash on our kayak swamp tours as they are paddling. If they pick up 30 pieces of trash, they get a free t-shirt.”

There are lots of things to learn and so much fun to have. This tour is suitable for families or singles who love the calmness of nature.

About Honey Island Kayak Swamp Tours

Honey Island Swamp located in Pearl River, LouisianaLouisiana just 35 mins from New Orleans, LA. It is a backwoods swamp tour attraction with knowledgeable and experienced eco-tour guides who are locals and know all the ins and outs of the local swamps and bayous. known for its picturesque and eco-sustainable tour through the swamps where you learn about why the wetlands are so important to our area and the health of our water.

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