The Funniest Animal News Web Series Starring Jason Kenzie Now Launched – Off The Leash Animal News

The new web series features Jason Kenzie a professional photographer and filmmaker. By his side is his business partner Izik Nox. The web series has been described as one of the funniest web series available.

One of the funniest web series of 2019 is now available to watch. Off The Leash starring the well-known photographer Jason Kenzie with his business partner Izik Nox by his side has been described a comedy gold by professional reviewers.

The new web series is like no other. This online show is all about the latest animal news. Forget CNN and forget Fox News, for people wishing to see the latest comedy animals news of the week then the only place to go is Off The Leash Animal News ( The news is so funny even the presenters can’t keep a straight face.

Imagine seeing on Fox News a story about a couple in California who have invented a jacket to protect small dogs from being attacked by Coyotes and Eagles?  It doesn’t happen. However, this story and even more whacky stories can be seen on Off The Leash.

“Just wait until you see the size of the dog”, Jason Kenzie remarked. “I challenge anyone to watch the story and to see the size of the dog to keep a straight face”, he continued.

Since Off The Leash Animal Stories was launched it has gained worldwide attention, and after watching the first episode it is not surprising why people are calling for the show to go on mainstream TV.

Imagine riding an Ostrich or being knocked off the back of a Wild Boar into its mud hole, well these are some of the crazy things that photographer Jason has experienced. Now transform crazy stunts and news like that and its no wonder why Off The Leash is so funny.

When asked about the Production and why he decided to do a comedy news show on Animals Jason replied, “I wanted to create a Web series that would be an edgy comedy about different News stories about animals from around the World. I didn’t want to make it serious, I wanted people to feel as if they were with us. Laughing with us and feeling the realism.”

Jason went on to explain he couldn’t have created this Production without Izik and said “He has a great mind for bringing to life ideas. He is a very talented Cinematographer and music designer.”

Jason also travels to beautiful places around the World to photograph extreme animals people live with. I couldn’t imagine being next to a lion or Tiger.

You can view Jason’s images on his Website

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