Young Home Inventor Re-designs Guitar Capo

When Re-Inventing The Wheel, Why Not Make It Fit In A Wallet?

Livingston, NJ: In a small town forty-five minutes from New York City, inventor and student Lucas Ochoa (18) has come up with a guitar capo that fits neatly in any wallet, a space normally reserved for identification, credit cards—and in the case of guitarists, guitar picks. He calls it the Wallet Capo. 

“Guitarists will jokingly lament the fact that picks go missing all the time, but the truth is that the pockets in a wallet provide an easy solution to this problem. This isn’t the case with capos,” says Bernardo Ochoa (21), brother of Lucas. A guitar player himself, Bernardo has since started using his brother’s invention in practice, songwriting, and performance. “Say a guitarist wants to play a guitar at a social gathering. Say they need a capo,” Lucas contemplates. “With the Wallet Capo, you now can have both a pick and a capo ready in something that you take everywhere anyway—your wallet.” 

This saves guitarists time and energy, and maybe even some money as well. “If you ask guitarists and songwriters, expensive capos are just as easy to lose as picks,” says Bernardo. Instead, the Wallet Capo is a relatively inexpensive product that does the same job, if not better. Besides the ingenious construction, the heat shrink used in the capos protects the guitar and actually improves the tone of the sound. “We want to make capos as easy and widespread as guitar picks,” concludes Lucas. 

As a senior at Livingston High School, Lucas has been able to fuse his interests in music and technology in the Wallet Capo project. He is currently applying to college with the intention to study Product Design. Meanwhile, Bernardo is a junior studying Music Composition at NYU. Bernardo plays lead guitar for the band Modern Diet. 

“We’re always busy working on projects together,” Lucas says, “but that’s the fun of the Wallet Capo. Ever since we were kids we’ve shared ideas with each other. Now we get to go into business with each other and it’s the same, productive dynamic.”

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