UNNA.IO Starts 6 Week Alts Capital Accelerator, And Invited To Pitch At 2 Private Funding Events In San Fransisco

UNNA started out creating a Caregiver App for remote monitoring elderly parents, and ended up building a integrated HIPPA compliant cloud to offer as SaaS and PaaS for health & wellness companies to build white-label Apps to engage with their customers and innovate offerings.

On Jan 24th 2019 UNNA LLC started a 6 week funding accelerator put on by ALTS Capital. And will be pitching to investors on Jan 28th and Feb 6th at two different private funding events in San Francisco.

UNNA LLC is a Vancouver WA startup that created a Caregiver App for those taking care of parents aging at home that didn’t want to go into assisted living. But along the way created a powerful HIPPA compliant cloud hosting for health & wellness Apps.

UNNA has developed a robust cloud that is 100% HIPPA compliant and integrated with the leading wearable’s and connected health devices. Other business can use UNNA insights to create their own white-label health and wellness App to dynamically engage with customers based on users health data and history.

Currently UNNA works with Apple Watch, Fit bit, iHealth, and other connected health devices. And has entered negotiations with three health & wellness companies to offer B2B HIPAA compliant PaaS for App development.

UNNA offers a Health App for wellness and health history tracking anyone can use to track their vitals and get personalized recommendations based on their health data. And families can use to keep track loved ones health status, and have peace of mind someone they love’s heart is still beating.

“We are looking to raise $250,000 to $1,500,000 to hire more team members and continue to innovate our SaaS for HIPAA compliant cloud integration’s to improve our B2B solutions. And make our Health Tracker App  cross platform, right now the App is available on iOS and has a simple to use dashboard that helps people stay healthy, make informed decisions based of health data, and keep track of their family’s wellness,” said the CMO of UNNA LLC, while talking about the company.

“We empowering caregivers through connected people, resources, and things all in a single, brilliantly designed mobile experience. Investors looking for possible 10x to 100X returns should contact us to learn more about UNNA’s investment opportunities,” he added.

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