Who is Omar Ezzou, a Celebrity club promoter?

Omar Ezzou has quickly become a local celebrity in the club promoting scene. His looks, his personality and his ability to bring out tons of party-goers together every night of the week, has led to a large following on social platforms. Omar was born and raised in Morocco until the age of 20 when he moved to France for school. After many struggles during his education there, he made the decision to come to the US even though he spoke no English. Although through motivation and the will to achieve his goals, he learned English in less than 2 years to keep up with college and get his degree in business entrepreneurship. 

“While in school at Salem state, I needed friends and people to speak English too, good thing that I’m a social butterfly, I started throwing big parties and talking to people as much as I could.” But these parties landed him in trouble with the school as well as the police so he began renting out halls to throw parties in since all of his friends were under 21. One of his main go-to’s was 18+ events at brothers taverna in Salem. 3 years later, he began hosting 21+ events and became a promoter for brothers taverna.

The well-known club promotion organization, 6one7 production, discovered his talents and recruited him to be a promoter in Boston. Since then, Omar’s career has taken off promoting for seven different clubs where he gathers massive crowds. Because of the brand he has created, he’s even expected to party right alongside his fans and entertain on the dance floor. And his career and cult following continues to grow every day.

For more information please visit https://www.instagram.com/omar6one7/

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