NY Artist ‘Nigma’ Launches New Art Game that Explores Hip-Hop and Music on a Different Level

Rockland County, NY – Suburban NY Artist “Nigma” is excited to start the year off with a new art game available in the iPhone App Store and online at itch.io. He hopes this interactive audio-visual experience will energize and innovate the use of music in multimedia. Releasing on February 1st, 2019, Nigma’s “Death of a Dream Girl,” takes 5 new songs centered on the idea of loving yourself instead of wishing and waiting to be loved by another, and allows the user to spatially explore his alternative hip-hop sounds in a new and exciting way.

Admittedly art games are not widely seen in the App Store, but Nigma is no stranger to taking artistic risks as seen with his past work in “Not Heroes Wear Capes” which was an interactive music installation about Hip-Hop and selected rappers’ conscious messages, showcased privately at NYU’s Integrated Digital Media showcase. Nigma hopes to take this risk public, and with an EP titled “Moonlit Halos” under his belt, as well as countless singles on SoundCloud, Spotify, and Apple Music, he is more than ready to face whatever is in store for him.

The game does not feature elaborate controls or an extensive time requirement, and can be picked up by most fairly quickly. Nigma knows this is only the first step to something more promising down the line, but “Death of a Dream Girl” hopes to engage its audience and entice users with a fresh and quick way to experience music, as well as with the sounds and message he hopes to deliver.

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