Nine Group – NinePay outlines the new economic blueprint of blockchain and real estate


The rise of cryptocurrency and its application in various industries has made the concept of blockchain become universal. As people are getting more aware of this technology and given the surge in value of leading cryptocurrencies over last couple of years, the number of cryptocurrency holders and traders have risen significantly. In a similar manner, the scale of market transactions on daily basis has also grown rapidly — total market capitalization reaching 800 billion US dollars in early 2018, while the daily trading volume crossing 70 billion US dollars.

Nine Group’s quality strategic plan with strong capital

The volume of cryptocurrency trading in Asia-Pacific region alone exceed USD 15 billion per day in the early 2018, and with the pace of blockchain and crypto adoption, the daily volume is expected to be increased for upto USD 150 billion per day by 2021.


BitNine targets this marketplace through its innovative global cryptocurrency program and by officially entering the Malaysian market in the form of blockchain based real estate. The Nine Group platform serving as the subsidiary of the Nine Group of companies is the first ever blockchain based real-estate platform to be fully harnessing blockchain technology and enabling crypto based transactions via its state of the art digital currency named NinePay Coin.

BitNine aims to develop the first ever smart city payment network in the Southeast Asia excelling from its existing remarkable reputation earned in the global cryptocurrency market. It introduces a high-quality blockchain platform for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, developers and those who desire to get wealth using blockchain industry, through its unique core technology and the huge network of already existing miners, traders and coin holders on BitNine Network. Besides, BitNine also aims to provide valuable opportunities for strategic partners and institutions to collaborate.

Nine Group also utilizes its industry-rich experience in the cryptocurrency startup market, continuous capital injection, reliable real estate, hotel industry, entertainment industry chain and technical support enabling the Nine Group to emerge as an industry leader in the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency market not only on the regional scale but across the globe. Nine Group’s experienced technical staff and its strong financial background attracts high standards investment groups, making Nine Group concluding a successful collaboration opportunity with the leading regional companies including but not limited to Yin Fu International Group.

Nine Group works in accordance to the local government and relevant regulatory authorities and institutions. It is one of the few blockchain based payment networks working under official recognition and in full compliance with the Government of Malaysia by obtaining the first ever electronic-money payment license in October 2018. The license enables Nine Pay to serve as a trusted third-party payment network, cross-border exchange, virtual currency settlement platform, perform asset management, wallet systems, and other operating rights. Nine Pay officially gets the support from the Malaysia Federal Territory Labuan government, together the parties held hands to create a new era of electronic payments across Malaysia, ASEAN and the globe.

As of this press release, we are pleased to announce that Trinity Merger Corp, a leading regional fintech company has become am exclusive strategic partner with Nine Group. Being a NASDAQ Main Board listed companies (stock code TMCXU), Trinity Merger Corp’s strong financial support and rich market experience makes Nine Group even stronger. The real estate leader Yin Fu International Group and Online Currency Group will play a significant role in the development of Nine Group, helping it connect a wide range of institutional investors, venture capitalists., cryptocurrency enthusiasts, payment institutions and the other potential third-party companies.

Financial Tower to ASEAN Wall Street, Ninecoin is transforming Malaysia’s economy.

As early as the beginning, Nine Group had set the development layout in a clear and orderly manner, whether it is Nine Property, which is mainly based on the real-estate, or NineChain, which focuse on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Together with these subsidiaries and strategize partners, Nine Group has made due contributions to build a smart city in Malaysia, and the strategic layout of the Nine Group in Malaysia is unprecedented. It not only has infrastructure such as office buildings, banks, stock exchanges, restaurants and nightclubs in the financial tower but also sports an international airport powered by modern age technology, adding shine to beauty of the city.

Most noticeably of all, the airport built by Nine Property will soon become the fourth largest international airport in Asia. Powered by sophisticated technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data, which are used internally, is highly compatible with the development trend of smart cities.

The proposed structure and layout plan of the financial center proposed by the Nine Group is even more impressive: Malaysia’s local culture, more than 4,000 shops with its romantic and picturesque scenery, several internationally renowned banks, law-firms, precious metal based franchises and stores, finance and other major institutions have been invited to settle in. With the multi-dimensional support of the NinePay platform by Nine Group, Nine Coin will be used as a mode of payment for all transactional activities happening in the financial ecosystem.

BitNine also aims to offer its user base with the best of both world i.e. liquidity of virtual currencies and stability of traditional assets i.e. property. Imagine combining the efficiency provided by virtual currencies alongside the stability and steady growth offered by traditional asset such as property.

In order to solve the much needed problem of crypto-volatility while at the same time also solving the liquidity issues faced by property owners, Ninecoin powered by the NinePay platform has made the blockchain market more exciting. The payment network of the blockchain based real-estate is unique, and stands out from the competitors. It is unique in every aspect i.e. both for its state of the art business model and technical soundess.

Nine Group also focus on creating a smart community in the cashless era, truly combinig the vision of using blockchain technology and promoting the economy, so that the issuance of virtual-currency model and fund management can be continuously developed within a scientific and reasonable range. It also focus on regulatory compliance and the endorsement of multi-party capital at the same time. The Ninecoin application of the NinePay platform provides a reliable solution to global payment needs. The future vision of the project also reflects the impact of the NinePay platform on blockchain and digital assets. It is no exaggeration to say that the strong industrial layout of Nine Group will play a pivotal role in casting the future of cryptocurrency and smart cities.

Ninecoin will eventually evolve as a true sense of cryptocurrency investment

After years of further research on industry technology, Nine Group platform has successfully developed Ninecoin’s to deploy over 500 secure and reliable APIs, making Ninecoin not only to be useable in the routine bill payment, electronic recharge, electronic ticketing and other life services, but also expanding it to electronic parking, e-commerce, remittance, game recharge, and even electronic charity, electronic coupons, electronic insurance and other more comprehensive payment system; thus bringing maximum convenience for millions of residents and tourists residing in the Labuan Island.


The diversified payment channel is another highlight of Ninecoin. The Nine Group platform has already been associated with the mainstream global payment channels, including UnionPay, Visa, Master and JBC. This strategic cooperation not only marks the scope of Ninecoin’s entry into the international mainstream in the new year, but also indicates that Nine Group will also embark on a new milestone.

Nine Group also collaborates with these leading four payment processing companies to issue dedicated Ninecoin overseas bank cards to provide convenient and safe currency for more customers, so that Ninecoin customers not only can access cash and cryptocurrency, but our users can also use the unique international debit card to transfer money, credit card consumption and collection and payment, and other perform other tasks such as payment across Point of sales and cash withdrawals from millions of ATM points across the world. It is worth mentioning that NinePay platform of the Nine Group, in addition to the world’s mainstream fiat currency, other global mainstream cryptocurrency assets and digital assets creation will be accepted in the NinePay platform and Nine Ecosystem, and will continue to preserve value and appreciation, forming a virtuous cycle of an endless stream to provide high-quality, efficient and secure cross-border payment services to users across the world. This will not only promote the economic and financial trends of the Labuan Island and the whole Malaysia, but also accumulate a huge resource advantage for Nine Group and accelerate the realization of the concept of the cashless city.

This is also one of the key objective of the Nine Group — coinciding with the use of NinePay to outline the new economic blueprint for blockchain and real estate.

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