Local Landscaping Company Utilises Their Social Media to Expand Customer Reach

Buckinghamshire, UK – Roots Garden Nursery Ltd are taking advantage of their social media accounts to draw in more customers. The result for this garden maintenance and landscaping company is that they not only have expanded their customer reach but have tapped into a more personal way for clients to connect with them.

The use of social media as an advertising tool has surged in popularity these past few years. People can see the latest clothes of their favourite clothing store on Instagram. They can learn about food specials at one of their restaurants by following them on Facebook. Finding these types of businesses on social media is easy. However, finding a company such as landscaping, that utilises such platforms is rare. Roots Garden Nursery Ltd have shown that such a company can use their social media to successfully draw clients in.    

Roots Garden Nursery Ltd is a landscaping and garden maintenance company located in Buckinghamshire. With more than 20 years of experience, they offer what constitutes a complete landscaping service. They start at the design stage and manage construction, planting, and garden maintenance. They lend their knowledge and imagination to the small details to realise their client’s plans.

One of the unique ways Roots Garden Nursery Ltd have tapped into the appeal of social media is by using various platforms to not only highlight their own work but to boost the image of their clients through their work. They promise to turn their client’s gardening dreams into a reality and show it on their Twitter feed at https://twitter.com/rootslandscape

Roots Garden Nursery Ltd show their vast experience in pictures they post to their Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/rootsdesignlandscape/. It is on this platform that they present the full process of the work they do. Seeing how they transform empty spaces into gardens allows potential customers to know what to expect from construction to completion. Roots Garden Nursery Ltd Instagram and Twitter accounts not only allow them to show the labour behind the process, but also to reach more people than ever before. Those looking for garden maintenance and landscaping in Buckinghamshire can easily find it by clicking on a simple hashtag.

Their vast experience combined with proof to back it up, as showcased on their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/rootsdesignandlandscape/, makes Roots Garden Nursery Ltd an appealing choice for potential clients. With savvy use of social media accounts, the company are showing what landscaping services in the technology era need to do to stay competitive.

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