The Education Matters Group Takes to Social Media to Spark Interest in Teaching

London – The Education Matters Group is taking to social media to connect schools and teachers and to inspire a love of teaching. Through platforms like Facebook and Instagram, they have created a community of educators committed to helping students reach their full potential.

Currently, teachers everywhere are being paid significantly less than what they could be earning in other occupations. In the UK, teachers receive nine to sixteen-percent less than many other graduate jobs. This fact, of course, is not only disheartening but also damaging to the young people in universities who are deciding whether to go into teaching. Many students decide to switch to a path that will earn them more money in the future.

While this may seem like a losing game, the Education Matters Group is doing their part in inspiring young adults to pursue a career in shaping the minds of the younger generation. There are many education recruitment agencies in London, but not many can live up to what the Education Matters Group is doing to motivate aspiring teachers.

On the Education Matters Group website,, there are a variety of resources for both aspiring teachers and current heads of the schools to use. New teachers that have recently finished their training can benefit from joining one of the best supply teaching agencies in London by signing up at

In addition to helping educators find jobs and schools find qualified teachers, the website also has a section dedicated to their social media presence. This page on the website allows the viewer to see all of Education Matters Group’s posts on one page. The ability to scroll down and see every post from every platform allows readers to access this information quickly and easily without needing an account on any social media.

On Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, the group is active in posting motivational articles on the importance of teaching and tips on how to be the best teacher possible. This one-stop shop of inspiration and learning has provided a great way to spread the importance of education and, most importantly, educators.

From uplifting inspirational quotes to helpful teaching tips, these posts have a huge impact on current teachers, aspiring teachers, and even the students themselves. This organisation has proven that they are about much more than just getting educators jobs as teachers. Their social media presence has created an online community of aspiring teachers who will shape the next generation.

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