Initial Heart Unchanged with 10 Year’s Efforts, the Next Decade of China Dreams Marketing Group will be more Brilliant

Ms. Zheng Xianmiao, the founder of China·Dreams Marketing brand, said: “With the advancement of the times and people’s pursuit of aesthetics, fashion has become a way of life that everyone wants to own, not only for adults, but also for children. With a mission of creating a stylish and meaningful platform for children, China · Dreams Marketing Group appeared.”

In the past ten years, China· Dreams Marketing Group has achieved great results with its initial heart.

Founded in 2009, China · Dream Marketing Media Group is committed to the development and dissemination of children’s cultural undertakings. At the end of 2013, the organization established an internet marketing planning team with two brands-Dreams Talent Agency and Willhoo. Since 2010, China · Dream Marketing Media Group has planned to implement the “Environment Little Guardian” offline selection campaign, which has been operating for 9 years. It is also a rare children’s event in China that combines environmental protection and fashion show. On September 25, 2015, DREAM PERFORMING ARTS NEW YORK, INC. was established. In August 2016, the first Chinese and American children’s fashion theme study tour was successfully held in Manhattan Studios, New York. In 2017, FLYING DREAMS FASHION MEDIA LLC was officially established. In 2017, China ·Dream Marketing Media Group planned and executed the International Children Models Global Competition. The event lasted for 5 months and established 42 large-scale sub-fields around the world. The contest radiated more than 200 cities around the world. The number of participants in the competition reached to 21064. The event sensationalized the entire Chinese children models industry and became an example in the industry. In 2018, China ·Dream Marketing Media Group also planned and executed the Haitao Angel Dream 2018 World Youth Apparel Green Design and Performance Conference and the 2018 HOT MAMA International Hot Mom China Region Selection Competition.

In the past ten years, the Dreams Talent Agency of China·Dream Marketing Media Group has created many honors for the children with initial heart.

The Dreams Talent Agency has been cultivating the children models training market for many years, and has the best quality reserves for children’s fashion industry from the aspects of teacher matching, course contents and users’ experience. In addition to the headquarter of China· Dreams Marketing Group. There are branches in Zhejiang Yueqing, Yueqing Hongqiao Town, Jiangsu Zhenjiang, Zhejiang Hangzhou to provide more children with their own stages. 

Liang Weihao, the executive director of China·Dream Marketing Media Group, believes that: “Children models education should respect the nature of children, and it is not necessary to compare with adult models. The education in China·Dream Marketing Media Group is more focused on music literacy, lens awareness, costume collocation, psychological quality and management of self-body and cultivation of other abilities. In addition to the education in the classroom, we provide a good stage for children to practice over and over again, breaking the loop.” So, China·Dream Marketing Media Group, children supermodels have appeared from local brand conferences, to China International Fashion Week, to the world’s four major international fashion weeks; from the major brands new product shooting, to the various brand spokespersons.

In the past ten years, the children supermodels in China·Dream Marketing Media Group always bring us a lot of surprises. 

Dong Chengyu, the 6-year-old supermodel has become a frequent visitor to China International Fashion Week. LEUBPERCUS, Pider BB and other brand launches, and won the Gold Medal at the 2018 Flower Cloth Children Supermodels Contest. The reason he wanted to become a model was that he liked it, thinking it could help him keep fit and exercise guts. However, the change of Dong Chengyu has gradually surprised everyone. The self-discipline from the inside out made the 6-year-old boy very shinning.

The teachers at China·Dream Marketing Media Group believes that every child has his own talent, gold always shines, and the child supermodel Du Peiyi is the sparkling gold. From the girl who was afraid of the first lesson to the little girl who can now calmly smile with the spotlight; from the green hand to the seed of various competitions; from the small catwalk in the classroom to the stage of China International Fashion Week, she behaved bravely all the way. If you see her, I believe that you will be attracted by her smile and confidence.


What make us even more proud is that these two children supermodels appeared on the Nasdaq big screen in New York Times Square this month. This is the glory of China’s children supermodels and the glory of China·Dream Marketing Media Group.

China·Dream Marketing Media Group has gone through for ten years with unchanged initial heart,and the next decade of it will be more brilliant.

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