Kemper Medical Offers a Wide Range of Protective Sunglasses and Eyewear

People working in the field that deal a lot with radiation knows the importance of eye protection. Significant damage can happen to the eyes when an excessive amount of radiation gets to it. Kemper Medical was founded by Greg Kemper, an experienced radiology technician, who offers top of the line protective eyewear and sunglasses.

For many years, Kemper Medical has been a leading distributor of high-quality medical supplies worldwide. From their humble beginnings of assisting a manufacturer with a customer service issue at their local area, Kemper Medical group has grown and expanded to offer medical supplies from more than 24 manufacturers. Kemper Medical was founded by Greg Kemper, a former X-ray, and Ultrasound tech, in 2008. He was also the manager at the radiology department at the hospital he has worked at. His experience working in the field has given Greg the valuable insight into what customers want when it comes to supplies. He only offers high-quality and top-notch products from the leading and reputable brand in medical supplies at a very competitive price. Numerous customers over the years have benefitted from their sound business practices as well as their excellent customer service.

In the last few years, Kemper Medical has expanded its offering of products to include a wide selection of protective eyewear, X-ray markers, apron racks, lab furniture, and many more. They also offer customers their line of shields barrier blocker, something very important when dealing with radiation diagnostics. Having been founded by an experienced radio tech, the staff at Kemper Medical knows intimately the importance of radiation protection. These supplies not only prevent technicians and patients from being exposed to harmful levels of radiation, but they also make the work easier and a lot more efficient.

One such radiation protection product Kemper Medical offer is safety glasses for those working with laser, glassblowing, and radiation. They are designed to protect the cornea from excessive damage due to these activities. Those working with radiation know how much damage it can cause to eyesight. It can lower one’s vision or destroy it completely. These safety glasses block off the radiation from entering the eye and because they’ve been designed with a certain aesthetic in mind, they can also be worn as a fashion item.

Kemper Medical also has a range of radiation protective eyewear for those with prescription glasses that have to work with hazardous radiation. Like the sunglasses, they are made with the goal of limiting the amount of radiation from entering the eye, minimizing the damage it causes. The choices are affordable, stylish, and most importantly, very useful.

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