Chinese Kungfu Startles French “Kung Fu Spring Festival Gala”, Ctrip Helps Promote Henan Kung Fu Brand to the World

On January 27th, a Kung Fu Spring Festival Gala named “Dance, Poetry and Martial Arts” came on stage in Paris to celebrate the 55th anniversary of the establishment of Sino-French diplomatic relations, promoting the cultural exchange and profound friendship between China and France. At the party, Tai Chi and Shaolin Kung Fu, two representative programs of Chinese Kungfu, showed the beauty of different forms of martial arts and condensed the thousand-year tradition and history of Chinese Kungfu.With consummate skill and superb performance, these two programs offered a stunning visual and cultural feast of Chinse Kungfu to the world.

Shaolin Kung Fu and Taijiquan are excellent representatives of Chinese Kung Fu and high-quality cultural resources of Henan Province. As a symbol of Chinese Kung Fu, Shaolin Kung Fu was formed in the specific Buddhist cultural environment of Shaolin Temple in Songshan, and fully reflects the traditional Buddhist cultural system of Zen wisdom. The outstanding representative of Chinese Kung Fu, Tai Chi, also originated from the land of ancient civilization in Henan. In the middle of the 17th century, Chen Wangting from Chenjiagou, Wen County, Jiaozuo City, inherited boxing from his family, absorbed the strengths of other boxing forms, integrated the concepts of Zhouyi academy and Chinese medicine, and created the world-famous Tai Chi.

As a sacred place for Chinese and foreign Kung Fu devotees and readers of martial arts novels, Henan Province, has also established a Kung Fu brand in recent years to promote the Henan Kung Fu brand around the world. From Kung Fu culture tour, Kung Fu culture experience to Kung Fu technique teaching, Kung Fu has become a new business card for Henan tourism. In 2018, Culture and Tourism Department of Henan Province also cooperated with the Office of Chinese Language Council International to set up a serious of courses about Chinese Kung Fu in Confucius Institute, such as Tai Chi, aiming to help Henan become a world-class Kung Fu holy land and cultural tourism destination.

Across the five continents in today’s world, nearly 100 countries have established martial arts associations and two branches of Chinese Kungfu (Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi) also attract numerous fans all over the world. Take Europe as an example, more and more Europeans are fascinated by Chinese Kung Fu and we can find thousands of Chinese Kung Fu fans in France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland and other countries. Forefathers-Shaolin Temple and Taiji Holy Land-Chenjiagou have become two must-see places for Europeans to visit China and experience Kung Fu culture.

To better promote the gold medal of “Chinese Kung Fu” to the world, Culture and Tourism Department of Henan Province signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Ctrip Group in 2018 to promote the Henan Kung Fu brand to the world with Ctrip’s leading strength in the overseas market. Ctrip has 350 million members worldwide and has strong capability in integrating abundant marketing resources.

Ctrip will also cooperate with Henan Province to build and promote the IP of “Henan Kung Fu Cultural Trip” and help Henan grab the world’s attention with its irresistible charm of Kungfu. In the promotion, “Kung Fu Life, Hometown Henan”, a global marketing plan for Henan Tourism, will be implemented with multi-channel promotion and innovative marketing campaign worldwide.


Till now, Ctrip Government Resource Cooperation Department has partnered with more than 300 destinations and has accumulated rich experiences in promoting destinations to different targeted markets at home and abroad. In the future, Ctrip will further cooperate with Henan Province on Kung Fu brand promotion, products designing and other promotion forms to comprehensively enhance the popularity and reputation of “Kung Fu Tour in Henan” and promote Henan Kung Fu brand to the world.

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