Why A majority of facebook ads will fail in 2019

Written by Matt James CEO of Legend Marketing

More than 5 Million businesses advertise on Facebook each month. Yet a majority of them never see the results that they want. Why is it? You put an ad on facebook and it just doesn’t perform life you want it to. Why? Its because you are not respecting people online! A majority of advertisers just sell sell sell, they become a digital clip-board salesman. Completely disrespecting people online, completely ignoring the real life sales process,  and going right for the sale immediately, before a person has even heard of your before. It’s not about direct response marketing anymore. You can’t just put your magical ad in front of an ice cold audience who has never heard of you before and expect them to buy your product.

It’s just like me walking up to a business owner in real life saying “hey my name is Matt, give me $10,000 and I’ll help you scale your business.” If I said that to a business owner they would think I’m crazy and run away, It’s because I tried to sell them without giving them any value upfront. People tend to do that with there facebook ads. That’s where a majority of business owners go wrong.

You must warm people with content first before you try to sell them. Show them content first, get them familiar with your brand and your face before you try and sell them. People like knowing them element behind the brand that there buying from. Stop disrespecting people online, educate and give them value you first. Then go make some sales. This system has generated an exuberant amount of results for the people we work with at Legend Marketing.

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