Alaa Harazin: This one helpful tip will double if not triple credit card sales in a restaurant

The dictionary states that one of the definitions of promotion is defined as – the publicization of a product, organization, or venture so as to increase sales or public awareness.

Most restaurant owners always ask the question of how to obtain more customers and depend on foot traffic and word of mouth for majority of the revenue in their restaurants.  The average restaurant does between $20,000 to $30,000 a month in credit card sales with an average ticket of $20 dollars meaning the restaurant serves on average between 1000 to 1500 customers per month.

While most restaurant owners are always looking for new customers, the answer to the question of how to increase sales in the business is in their current customer base.  This is called the “central customer base”  where most of the revenue is achieved.  Marketing and remarketing to that base is where the focus should be and where majority of the marketing budget needs to be spent.

The best customer is a repeat customer, one who comes in and spends consistently in the business. Restaurant owners need not to neglect these customers and market and promote to them on a regular basis.  Promoting to the central customer base on a weekly or biweekly basis should be task #1 a restaurant’s marketing plan.  As a matter of fact, restaurant owners should go the extra mile and record birthdays, anniversaries, favorite dishes and special occasions about their customer base because they can be used for marketing campaigns later on in the future.

Collecting an email address and a phone number should be the instructed to every waiter or waitresses before they start their shift and also making sure that feature is enabled on the Point of Sale system where the customer is encouraged to enter in their contact information for future discounts.

Now that this system is in place, restaurant owners can market and remarket with laser focused promotions to the central customer base and if done weekly or biweekly and consistently, a restaurant will see a dramatic increase credit cards sales.

The most successful restaurants that we see today have been using this method of marketing for years and now its made even easier because this feature comes regular on most popular point of sale systems. 

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