Laser Hair Removal Treatment at Medilase: Ultimate Hair Removal

If you are considering removing hair from your body, there are many options on your table to consider. You can go for the almost-permanent solutions like electrolysis, depending on how long you can withstand pain. You may consider shaving which is the common one, but then you may have to be doing it on a weekly basis. Then there is the use of creams, which is also easy only that you have to put up with some uncomfortable smell afterwards.

Waxing or sugaring is also another method that will help solve the problem for months. Unfortunately, the waxing process is very painful, and your skin becomes very itchy when the hair begins to grow back. And last but not least, we have laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal is a very common cosmetic procedure in the US. It involves beaming a concentrated light into the hair follicles to destroy the hair cells. The damage causes a delay in future hair growth. Note that the procedure delays hair growth hence it is not a permanent method of hair removal. The procedure should be followed with subsequent hair removal treatments and maintenance treatments.

Popular types of lasers

• Diode – this type of laser works best for people of light skin with dark hair

• Alexandrite – this type of laser is most useful for patients whose complexion lies between light to olive. It works best in treating larger body parts and is the fastest of all lasers.

• Nd: YAG – this is a long pulse laser and generally suitable for all skin types. However, its results are lower when handling light or fine hair as compared to other types of lasers.

When to expect results

According to experts, the effectiveness of a laser hair removal procedure and the period before results are seen strongly depends on the spot being treated since the growth rate of the body differs from one body part to another. Laser hair removal has been proven to be more effective when the hair is in its active growth stage. Therefore, if the conditions favour you, you should expect the results sooner. Majority of patients report that they saw results after six to eight treatments.


The laser treatment procedure is a rather costly one. Each treatment session costs between $50 and $300 depending on the body part being handled. But the process is cheaper in the long-run compared to other methods which sound cheaper but have to be done more repeatedly as the hair grows back in a matter of days.


Expect some strict instructions from your physician before undertaking the procedure. These include avoiding exposing yourself to the sunshine for about six weeks before the procedure, avoid blood-thinning medications, and avoid other hair removal procedures like waxing. However, you may need some shaving a day before treatment begins. Once you start the treatment, you should ensure the consistency of other treatments.

Now that you are well versed with the basics of laser hair removal feel free to contact experts from medilase. Medilase is a family owned company which is founded 42 years ago and is registered in South Africa. The company aims to improve the well-being of people and has a reputation of supplying life-enhancing technology at affordable prices. The manager of the company has been in the laser industry for over forty years. His vast experience, training and involvement in the industry is very comprehensive.

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