Mark Pancis hangs out with Jessica Simpson in Los Angeles

Social Media Guru and founder of Orevida, seen hanging out with popular celebrity, Jessica Simpson during one of his frequent visits to Los Angeles

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Mark Pancis is a popular social media expert that has a name for himself in the industry particularly with the founding of Orevida, a next generation, global online marketing agency based in Vienna, Austria. He has become popular for his ability to turn an ordinary individual into a high end influencer using his social media skills and expertise. The frequent visitor to the U.S. and Hollywood in particular was recently spotted rubbing shoulders with the soon be third mom, singer, actress, and fashion designer, Jessica Simpson.

Over the years, Mark has been exposed to famous individuals, saying that the nature of his work has exposed him to A-list celebrities as well as large corporations who are looking to use advanced technology to reach their audience. “Orevida isn’t only an online marketing or social media agency, we want to help people to get what they want; that’s our impact,” says Pancis.

Pancis further explained how Orevida has been able to provide social media marketing and branding services to musicians, gamers, models, travelers, entrepreneurs, videographers, and actors, consequently helping them to reach their target audience.

Mark Pancis was also seen on a massive stage interviewing American Award Winning Actor and Film Producer, Charlie Sheen, further reiterating his contact with top actors and musicians. When asked about his interest with Charlie Sheen, Mark only revealed that he knows him as an actor and film producer, without mentioning any other information about the popular filmmaker or his current projects. He further stated that all the desired information will be known when the time is right, while choosing to focus on Orevida.

Orevida was originally founded in 2016 by Phil Lennart Meyfarth with Mark Pancis and Toni Bold subsequently joining the business Management team. The trio had the vision to help and change the world with their service, knowledge and passion, and stayed true to this vision all along.

Social Media and Online Marketing are the new way to attract customers and fans across the globe. Therefore, it has become imperative for businesses to master the art, which can be done by learning from and working with the best in that field.

OREVIDA has shown thousands of customers what it means to provide high quality work with astonishing results and Mark Pancis and his team are set to continue traveling the world and helping more people to get what they want.  Who knows which Hollywood A-list celebrity he will be with next.

More information Mark Pancis and his works can be found on his website and Instagram. Orevida can also be found on their website.

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