Modern Living with kathy ireland® Explores Alternative Pain and Anxiety Management Solutions with Zro+ Nutraceutical

Los Angeles, CA – January 29, 2019 — Modern Living with kathy ireland® is pleased to announce an exclusive interview with Bob Mordini, Co-Founder and CEO of Zro Plus Nutraceuticals, LLC and Rachel Ragsdale, Founder and CEO of Neuroptimize to discuss their mission of helping individuals effectively manage pain.

Zro+ Nutraceuticals develops products that maximize the benefits of natural plant nutrients while increasing the efficacy and bioavailability through chemistry and technological breakthroughs.

“The world is becoming very intelligent,” says Mordini. “We go to the internet and Google and we get an answer. We now have options and answers for pain, inflammation and anxiety that are natural and organic that don’t have contraindications. We don’t have side effects and give the body what the body wants. Our product helps the relief get there quicker.”

“We know that when people are feeling good, the electrical activity is distributed well,” says Ragsdale. “We work with anxiety, depression and trauma, and have mutual patients with Zro+. We did some clinical trials and case studies to look at electrical changes in the body. The results were outstanding when integrating Zro+ into the protocol.”

The company’s main mission is to give people better natural options to live pain free, optimize focus and achieving a better lifestyle.

“Pain-free living is very important,” says J. L. Haber, Vice President of Programming for Modern Living. “Pain can quickly immobilize someone, creating a loss in their range of motion. This eventually inhibits them from having a satisfactory quality of life. What they are doing at Zro+ is creating changes that can really make a difference.”

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