Desire for a Better Life by Moses K. Ndungu, a Personal Account on how God is the Solution for every Scourge

Saint Louis, Missouri – Without spirituality and God’s divine love, life would go down south. The book of religious inspiration, Desire for a Better Life written by Moses K. Ndungu is directed to resolve today’s social problems. He imparts his life experiences covering different facets of life to suggest society betterment measures; his pet subject being minimizing violence among the communities. A better life, Moses Ndungu believes, can be attained by returning to the Word of God. And, he establishes it eloquently in the Desire for a Better Life.

Mr. Ndungu suggests that violence can be curbed by a total commitment to marriage and family life. This, in turn, fosters relationship skills and respect for the lives of others–that life is sacred and teaching youngsters how to sort out problems without resorting to violence.

When asked what makes his book stand out, Moses Ndungu said, “No doubt this is my voice out of life experiences and the observations within the environments I have encountered. As a committed Christian, I advocate doing what is right, justice for all and  discerning God’s will in everyday life. This book is the result of my burning desire to leave a legacy for the coming generations. My community has a saying, ‘WEKA WEGA NIWE WEIKA; WEKA URU NOWE WEIKA’ (Kikuyu- Kenya). The literal meaning is that, if you do good, you do to yourself; similarly, if you do something bad, you do it to yourself.”

The book also talks about curses and the instructional role the church should play in the society.

Desire for a Better Life derives inspiration from the author’s documentation of everyday life events and circumstances laced by his general knowledge and religious insights. Mr. Ndungu has incorporated common sense and hilarity too, wherever applicable. This book isn’t a one-time perusal kind of book. To get the essence of wisdom within it, one needs to read it more than twice.

The Bible influences Mr. Ndungu, Yahoo News; NPR radio; BBC radio; reading articles of general interests, and Church life, etc. in the authoring of Desire for a Better Life.

The sales of the books will be used for charity in Mr. Ndungu’s native country-Kenya, where it will go to help children on the streets and needy people. It’s the author’s request for prayers so that this charitable goal can be achieved.

About the author

Mr. Ndungu was born and raised in Kenya. He is married to Emily and has worked in church-related matters since the 1970s. Currently, he assists to teach and preach in  church. He is also a trained and freelance counseling psychologist. Mr. Ndungu has a gift for writing and with the authoring of “Desire for a Better Life,” that gift has come a full circle.

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