Fabian Thorne Released a Book on – Overcoming Disability and Odds and Building the Desired Life

South Hill, Virginia – Succumbing to what people say one won’t be able to do due to a disability is one thing, but overcoming the limitation and proving the people wrong is another. People like Ben Underwood, Stevie Wonder, Muniba Mazari, and Stephen Hawking, despite their disabilities, have broken every physical limitation and proved doctors and even nature wrong by achieving what they have gained which is unequivocally superhuman and left millions across the world inspired. “You Just Don’t Wake up Strong” by Fabian Thorne is another testament to the accomplishments of people who have physical limitations and bogged down by life’s adversity.

“You Just Don’t Wake up Strong” tells the life story of the author, Fabian Thorne. He had lost his left eye to a malignant tumor when he was just two years old.

Fabian Thorne was told to give up on his dream of playing football due to his poor eyesight. Everyone seemed to have given up on him. That his disability would define his life and keep him in its limitations was the belief and prescription from even doctors. But, he became the top-performing football player at Delaware State University. As life would have it, Fabian Thorne spent 15 months in a correctional institute. He then rebuilt his life from scratch. “You Just Don’t Wake up Strong” recounts Fabian Thorne’s journey of building his business and the direction of his life. His faith in God is a beacon which guides him, making him travel down the righteous and right path and not go astray. 

In “You Just Don’t Wake up Strong” Fabian Thorne highlights that life isn’t always smooth sailing – hiccups occur, and roadblocks crop up. But, one can either fight fate back with their human potential or let the impediments conquer and reign their life. He provides insights and inspiration as to how life can be turned around by his life experience. And, he’s efficient about it, that he doesn’t have all the solutions and that it’s up to the readers’ discretion application. And, it shows in his penning.

“You Just Don’t Wake up Strong” is a strong motivational tool. Everyone who needs motivation would benefit greatly from this book.

About the author

Fabian Thorne was born in South Hill, Virginia, and grew up in East Orange, New Jersey. He graduated from Delaware State University and played professional football in Erding, Germany. Fabian is currently a fitness trainer, motivational speaker and now an author, by the writing of “You Just Don’t Wake up Strong.” Strength is what is built daily, bit by bit, brick by brick – the Hulk reality is not the reality of humans. As an entrepreneur, he started his own business, Built2Last. He now lives in New Jersey with his family.

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