Atlanta Sober Living, a Top Sober Living Home in Atlanta, GA Announces Their New Website

Atlanta Sober Living, a top sober living home in Atlanta, GA has announced a brand new website for their operations.

Atlanta, GA – Atlanta Sober Living, a top sober living home in Atlanta, GA has announced a brand new website for their operations. Their new website has been launched with the core objective of being able to connect with individuals looking for a safe, secure, and serene sober living home to offer the best residence as they gain full recovery from their addictions.

Atlanta Sober Living has over the years been a source of hope, admiration, and confidence for many recovering addicts in Atlanta, GA. Through their top-notch sober living home, specialists, coaching programs and supportive services, they have enabled many individuals to gain full recovery and migrate into the mainstream workplace.

As an expert in helping individuals through alcohol and drug-free residency, their sober living home has been growing steadily. Their friendly, supportive, structured, and community-based environment at the sober living home has helped many residents to develop accountability and gain full control of themselves.

They also have highly trained and experienced professionals such as psychologists, psychiatrists, and doctors available to ensure residents stay mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy so that they can transition back to independent living. Atlanta Sober Living offers support services including the following to help residents:

  • Interventions: A meeting with your loved one and family members they like, trust, and respect. By discussing with close relations, unique treatment options such as detox, inpatient treatment, or outpatient treatment can be provided.

  • Case Management: Since addiction is multi-faceted, they offer multiple professionals like doctors, psychiatrists, counsellors, and nutritionists. They hold addicts accountable to their treatment plans to speed up recovery. The professionals also provide support, information, and mentoring when they are having a difficult time.

  • Sober Companionship: Help maintain sobriety by sticking to a routine through the help of sober companions. They help develop an exercise routine and a healthy eating schedule dedicated to lasting sobriety.

  • Vocational Coach: A vocational counsellor to help make the right career decision and get the recovering addict working again, once treatments are done and they are ready.

  • Aftercare: Help in coordinating post-rehabilitation support and care, through stability and support as the resident transitions back to living independently.

Atlanta Sober Living is located at 828 Ralph McGill Blvd #308, Atlanta, GA 30306. For inquiries regarding their sober living home, contact their team via phone at (404) 991-3355 or via email at For additional information regarding how to enrol and sign up for the sober living home, visit their newly created and launched website.

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