A Salute to Time, AmberTime Imprints Every Life.

On Jan. 20, 2019, a number of media outlets such as Macau Asia Satellite TV and Tencent Video interviewed Mr. Jian Li, the founder of AmberTime. In 2018, AmberTime officially announced its mission to build the world’s first education + travel +blockchain platform.

On Jan. 16, 2019, Mr. Jian Li and South Forbes City College signed a strategic partnership agreement; the school will fully utilize AMT blockchain to record students’ admission, reporting, learning progress and diploma issuance. From the day the students enter the college, all his/her performance, awards, thesis, and even professors’ comments will all be recorded on AMT blockchain.

For the past two years, digital currency or cryptocurrency have been broadly discussed. Blockchain technology, as its base layer technology, has also set off heated discussions. A lot of investors, founders and capital swarm in to the field, encourage the industry to grow rapidly. But there were only a few actual examples of blockchain technology applied in education industry, therefore, the key to blockchain + education system would be to resolve problems such as difficulty in digitizing education process, lack of credibility and record of experience.

In this interview, Mr. Jian Li talked about the global blockchain development. Currently, an increasing number of world’s top universities started to use blockchain technology in issuing diplomas, which signifies a positive trend of blockchain technology in the revolution of education industry. He also expressed that AmberTime’s time-based blockchain record, encryption verification and smart contract client might not even have one competitor worldwide.

In the interview, Mr. Jian Li said: “South Forbes City College and we have agreed that all their students’ school activities will be recorded on AMT blockchain.” At the same time, to cooperate with auditing firms and law firms in Hong Kong to publish reports and verifications supported by technology credibility on AMT public chain. Mr. Li indicated that AmberTime is aggressively developing partnership with third parties related to vaccinations, genetic tests, overseas study tours, professional skills assessments, etc.

At the end of the interview, Mr. Jian Li also mentioned some hindrances in the development of blockchain industry. It is believed that the unspoken rules of the industries are the biggest problem that hinders the development and implementation of blockchain technology. Information asymmetry and vicious competition in some industries caused bad money to drive out good money, and degrade the overall market atmosphere. AmberTime and blockchain technology are created to solve these problems, to write all records under the sun, liberating fears and responsibilities, and change the world with technology.

It is reported that currently, study tours institutions in Australia, Switzerland, Korea, Italy and UK are in talk to join AMT nodes, and create a Amber Borderless University with AMT. Because it is not limited by space, system and closed restrictions, it has no rigorous entry requirements and expensive tuition fees. It is above geographical limitation, political boundaries, social status, academic level and social relationships. It is recorded and shared through AmberTime blockchain technology, allowing more and more people around the world to form an interactive network of study, work and travel, based on interests, ideologies, culture, business urge and verification needs.

A concept Mr. Jian Li mentioned in the interview: A Salute to Time, Record Every Moment of Life.

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