Aromalake Chemical Co., Ltd Announces to Supply a Variety of Rare Chemicals for Industrial Use

Aromalake Chemical Co., Ltd has a wide variety of chemicals in its portfolio, such as Thioctic acid, Lipoamide, Diatrizoic Acid Dihydrate and others.

There are many industries that require different types of chemicals for their industrial processes. For all such industries, Aromalake Chemical Co., Ltd announces to offer a variety of innovative chemicals. The company maintains a huge stock of chemicals and can supply these chemicals throughout the year in a consistent manner. Industries can procure chemicals from the company in bulk quantity to carry out their production and other processes without any interruption.

According to the company spokesperson, they have an ample experience in chemical synthesis, and can produce chemicals with precise properties that an industry may require.  The company can supply rare chemicals, like Thioctic acid (Lipoic acid), which is found in the form of yellow powder with a molecular formula of C8H14O2S2. This chemical is primarily used as an anti-oxidant and is useful in the treatment of diabetes and HIV. It is also found to be helpful in the treatment of diseases, like cancer, liver disease and other ailments. In some research, it has been established that Lipoic acid can boost a human’s ability to produce and use insulin to lower the blood sugar level. Aromalake Chemical Co., Ltd can supply best quality Lipoic acid in a pack of 25kg per drum for industrial clients.

Another important chemical in their portfolio is Lipoamide, which is also known by the name of Thioctic Acid Amide and has a Molecular Formula of C8H15NOS2.  This is a kind of protein bound lipoic acid, which is not freely available in the nature. The chemical has its various usages in pharmaceutical, bio-chemical and agricultural industries. According to the modern medical science, a deficiency of this chemical may give rise to certain symptoms of neurological disorders because of lack of lactic acid in the body. Aromalake Chemical Co., Ltd supplies this chemical with 99% purity and which can prove very effective in supplementing the lacking lactic acid and improving the physical and neurological conditions of humans.

The spokesperson also reveals that they have the Diatrizoic Acid Dihydrate, which is not easily available. They synthesize this chemical in excessive quantity for bulk supply. This chemical is also known by the name of Amidotrizoic acid dihydrate, with its Molecular Formula C11H13I3N2O6 and molecular weight of 649.94. Available in the form of white powder, the company supplies the chemical with 99% purity, which can be used as the X-ray contrast media and is commonly used in the diagnostic radiography of patients. This chemical has its own significance in the medical imaging sector and is highly in demand among the diagnostic laboratories around the world.

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About Aromalake Chemical Co., Ltd.

Aromalake Chemical Co., Ltd(also known as Lakesyn Chemical) is located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. The company has a group of experienced chemists who have an extensive expertise in synthetic chemistry, process R&D, project management, QC/QA, pilot plant, and manufacturing. Aromalake provides customers with innovative services as well as a wide variety of chemical products, including aromatic compounds, heterocyclic compounds, amino acids, chiral building blocks and other active pharmaceutical ingredients.

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