Olivia Ma attends the Ins-Mode Award for the award-winning “Asian Fashion New Face”

On January 9, 2019, the 2019 Asian Ins-Mode Awrad hosted by Hip Hop Star (Beijing) Cultural Media was successfully held at the Beijing Star Base. The award is an annual awards ceremony that spans fashion, entertainment, film, music and many other fields, inviting Asian social media, live broadcast platforms, and short video platform icon. It is known as the “Oscar” award in every field icon. In this grand award ceremony, Zhe Guan, Chi Jin, Xiaomin Wang, Linxi Duan, Xinjiekou Band, Yue Fang, Chao Lu, Olivia Ma (Yixuan Ma) and other 80 groups of artists and icons attended.

The Asian Red Man Festival is an international platform for the merge of contemporary artist stars and Internet icons. In particular, for the first time, everyone sees the collision and close relationship between the entertainment industry, the icons, and outstanding singers, actors. It reveals the value of each type of artist.

Olivia Ma (Yixuan Ma 马一萱) was invited to attend the ceremony. She walked on the red carpet with a beautiful and sexy grey dress, quickly attracted the reporter’s spotlight, and instantly became the focus of media discussion. Under the attention of hundreds of media and guests and artists, Yixuan Ma won the “Asian Fashion New Face of the Year” and took the stage to receive the award. The super high value of her speech and fashionable dress made her shine in the ceremony.

Olivia Ma (Yixuan Ma)’s debut instantly made her one of the most eye-catching international fashion influencer of the night. She was born and raised in Beijing, China, but went to a private international middle school in Singapore, where she received globalized education during her teenage years. She is currently studying at Union College New York for her bachelor degree double majoring in Asian Studies and Studio Arts. Although she is still a senior college student, she has gained her fame in China ever since her sophomore year.

During the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, Olivia was chosen by ifeng.com to be its representative influencer, and she participated in the show “Journey in Rio”, which included a detailed visit to the favela at night, an interview where she talked with Olympian stars, and a tasting of Rio’s traditional cuisine. At only age 21, Olivia was already the youngest Chinese Internet influencer among the whole Chinese overseas media staff. The show was highly promoted by the Phoenix Network and reached an average of 150,000 viewers per live-stream, all thanks to her attractive way of showing the beauty of the city and the intensity of the Olympic Games. Since then she had been attending both exclusive and major social and fashion events by invitations in both China and the U.S.
Olivia Ma was most recently one of the nominees and the only recipient of the “Asian Fashion New Face” award where thousands of internet influencers across many fields were a part of the selection. During her speech, she stated: “As a Chinese who’s lucky to get education internationally, I deeply feel that it is my duty to spread Chinese culture and to make the world realize the many many hidden beautiful Chinese cultural elements. China has been growing with an incredible speed in the recent 40 years, and I want to show people the amazing changes China had gone to completely broke free from its former stereotypes. I’m sure you’ll be amazed!”

The Asian Red Man Festival was successfully concluded, and it has won unanimous praise from the industry. It has outlined the integration of the reds and the entertainment industry and commercial resources, which shows the great imagination and influence of the “red people” in this era on the cultural level. The emergence of the Asian Red Man Festival has grown into a brand new unicorn platform.

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