BikeBar – Innovative Solution for Cyclists to Protect Their Bikes

Lateral Stability System to Keep Bikes Safe and Secure

Philadelphia, PA – Jan 19, 2015 – Cog Design has developed the BikeBar, which is a unique designed lateral stability system to keep bike’s safe and secure when it is mounted on a fork or wheel mount roof rack. There is currently a prototype that has been tested and proved to effectively keep bikes safe during rough terrain rides. To raise the capital to get to fund the first purchase order for the BikeBar, they have launched a Kickstarter campaign.

Kris Pepper, creator of BikeBar and an active cyclist, became frustrated when his expensive bike kept falling off the roof of his car. He had experienced this more than once and had enough of it. Although roof racks offer control and support for the front and back of the bike, there is a lack of support to keep the bike stable during a car ride. With unpredictable environments that can harm your car or bike like potholes, crazy drivers, rough roads, or constructions zones just to name a few, it is important to have a lateral stability system to secure the bike. This also makes the driving experience that is less bumpy and more enjoyable. 

This is why Kris Pepper felt the need to design the BikeBar. He wanted to give bike lovers peace of mind knowing their bike and car is protected when they are traveling to their next destination. Whether they are heading on a nice vacation, traveling to another city to explore the area, or heading to their afternoon trail, individuals can use the BikeBar to get there safely. Bikes are expensive and it is important to keep them safe. 

With an extensive background in Industrial Design, Kris built the bike out of aluminum tubes that are sleek, light, and stiff to resemble the material bikes are made out of. The bar is adjustable and can fit with any bike or roof rack. The rubber plugs on the sides help to avoid scratches and all material is riveted together to create a durable vibration proof bar. All materials are rust-free so users do not have to worry about rust or bad weather.

The BikeBar can only be used on roof racks that have two parallel rails. For those who do not have two rails, there is a BikeBar adapter. The adapter creates a railing parallel to the bike. This also has rubber on the sides to prevent scratches on the car.

They have already finished the prototype and have tested it on various bikes and cars. Cog Designs has a trusted manufacturer that is ready to produce the first order once they receive funding. The campaign goal is $18,000 and needs to be met by February 15, 2015. If they do not meet the goal, then it can take years before this incredible tool can be sold on the market.

Show support today and make a contribution! Backers will rewards such a BikeBar, special edition models in any color of the supporter’s choice, and many other awards as to say thank you for the support. 

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Company Name: Cog Design
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Country: United States