Krow’s TRANSformation: Upcoming film to chronicle model’s transformation from a female to a male runway model

Krow’s TRANSformation is an upcoming film by Gina Hole Lazarowich chronicling a three-year journey in Krow’s transformation from a female to a male model and conquering Paris runways.

Krow’s TRANSformation is an upcoming film that will detail the journey of Krow, a once-female runway model who transitioned to a male and once again conquered runways in Paris.

Gina Hole Lazarowich is the director and producer of the upcoming film. Krow and his mother approached Lazarowich about producing Krow’s last photo shoot as a female model. Krow came to Lazarowich in 2015 and over the next three years, Lazarowich has been following Krow on his journey.

The upcoming film will show the day to day of undergoing gender transition, including full breast removal, testosterone shots, and everything else that goes along with a journey of such a magnitude. The highs and lows are documented, as well as stories of other transgenders.

Lazarowich has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise just over $37,000 to fund the film. Not only does the campaign aim to raise funds for the project, but it also hopes to spark community involvement to raise awareness. Backers will receive exclusive perks in exchange for their pledges, such as social media shoutouts, bracelets, necklaces, premiere screening and afterparty tickets, a link to the movie, thank yous in the film credits, associate producer credits, and more.

Lazarowich hopes to reach out to those who don’t feel comfortable in their bodies and inspire them to take control of their lives while showing what transitioning is really like. The film is a documentary and how-to for anyone who has contemplated transitioning, as well as an informational film for anyone who is curious about what the process is really like.

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