Using Innovation and Integration to Create a New Era of Rail Tourism – Focusing on The Inaugural World Rail Tourism Conference

In recent years, as the structure of the world tourism market has become more diversified, those sightseeing tours will be gradually replaced by globalized, diversified and personalized travel methods. The “Rail + Tourism” model appeared. “Rail + Tourism” can not only effectively solve the traffic bottleneck problems of transportation, but also meet the diversification and personalized customization needs of people. It is also a green and all-weather way of travel, which further expands the spaces for world tourism development and builds a new pattern of industrial development, continuously improves the quality and effect of integration and penetration, and forms a chain reaction between the quality of resources between tourism and rails, the quality improvement of development, and the overflow of industrial benefits.

In order to build the new model of “Rail + Tourism”, jump out of “Box Thinking”, stand in the “New Height”, jointly create a new era of rail tourism, cultivate new kinetic energy of industrial development, build a new highland of tourism industry, stimulate new vitality of county development, achieve a beautiful new life for the people and achieve sustainable development of tourism and rail integration, the Inaugural World Rail Tourism Conference, sponsored by Shaanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the World Railway Development and Research Society and Ctrip Group, organized by Shaanxi Province Railway Group Co., Ltd. and Shaanxi Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd., was held in Xi’an on January 25, 2019 themed “Create a new era of rail tourism, and cultivate new kinetic energy for industrial development”.

Experts Gather to Talk About “Rail + Tourism”

The conference received strong response from industry peers. At the opening ceremony, Guo Lin, the President of the World Railway Development and Research Society, Zhou Xiaoqin, the Executive Vice President of China Urban Rail Transit Association, Yang Yusheng, the Director of the Department of Transport of Shaanxi Province, and Li Xiaoping, the Senior Vice President of Ctrip Group attended the conference and gave speeches. Representatives and experts from government, industry associations, rail transit construction authorities, rail transit construction and operation units, engineering construction enterprises, vehicles and equipment manufacturing enterprises, as well as system integration, research institutes, design institutes, schools and other related enterprises and units, conducted in-depth communications and discussions on the development of the tourism track, investment and financing and industrial development models, system standards and technological innovation etc.

Rich in Contents and Wide in Scopes

With the theme of “Creating a new era of rial tourism and cultivating new kinetic energy for industrial development”, the conference was divided into three topics, including industry development, case sharing and innovation mode. At the same time, the opening ceremony of the China Rail Tourism Development Research Association (in preparation) was held.

Twenty guests gave wonderful speeches and keynote speeches on industry hotspots and conference topics. During the speech, the delegates and the guests had an in-depth communication and the atmosphere was warm.

In the morning at industry development forum, QianQingquan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, introduced the future development direction of rail transit; ZhongJianhua, executive director of the Urban Rail Transit Association and an executive director of the academic committee, introduced how tourism rail transit promotes the development of tourism throughout the country; Dr. Zhang Weihua shared the future development of rail transit; Wang Chuanfu, the chairman and president of BYD Co., Ltd., shared the innovative development of BYD rail transit.

The forums at afternoon were discussed by the theme of “Case Sharing” and “Innovation Model”. The contents include: the best way to experience Switzerland – take the train; the operation ideas and experience of the Kyushu Railway in Japan; the current situation and development trend of railway tourism in Taiwan; the application of INNOVIA straddle monorail in tourism rail transit; transportation planning and development; innovation and development of tourism rail transit; tourism rail transit solutions under the new situation; PPP model – new choice for tourism rail project financing; from golden age to jade future; PPP model to help accelerate tourism rail transit development; The “rail + tourism” industry outlook under the background of reform; the characteristics of the development of the world tourism track and its enlightenment to China; “happy trains” to help the tourism track and so on.

“Rail + Tourism” Boosts Shaanxi’s Economic Transformation and Upgrading

At the moment, Shaanxi is at an important juncture in transition from a major tourism province to a strong tourism province. In order to support the economy from high-speed development to high-quality development and promote supply-side structural reform in the transportation sector, Shaanxi has accelerated the pace of departmental collaboration, synergy and industrial integration, optimized the integration of transportation and tourism resources, and explored a “Rail + Tourism” model of linkage development.

The “Rail + Tourism” model has low resource consumption, large driving force, large employment capacity and high comprehensive benefits, and has become a powerful promoter for promoting economic transformation and upgrading of Shaanxi Province. Through “Rail + Tourism”, it not only drives the comprehensive development of industries such as industry, agriculture, culture, sports, health and modern service industries, but also helps to solve the problem of insufficient economic development imbalance in Shaanxi. In addition, “Rail + Tourism” can also be integrated with culture, health, research and other formats to produce more and more distinctive tourist attractions and composite products, thus achieving “Rail + Tourism” and development of related industries in the new era.

The delegates started communications and discussions about the “Rail + Tourism”. All the delegates expressed their harvests. The conference provided a valuable reference plan for China’s tourism rail transit construction communication, integration development and technological innovation. Through the integration of “Rail + Tourism”, it will promote the comprehensive, systematic optimization, integration and upgrading of related industries, and inject new impetus and vitality into economic development.

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