Carl E. Moyler talks about heroes and heroines in the new book

Talented writer and author, Carl E. Moyler, releases a new book titled, “On Freedom and Revolt: A Comparative Investigation,” dedicated to people who have sacrificed their lives for humanity

“On Freedom and Revolt: A Comparative Investigation” is a unique book written not only to celebrate the amazing contributions of individuals who stood their ground for the cause of justice and freedom. The book is particularly dedicated to all those heroes and heroines who have seen and will see life as a daring adventure to be given in the name of service to humanity, to justice and to freedom.

History has shown that there are individuals that have dedicated their lives to ensuring justice is served and everyone is as free as they should. Unfortunately, the real stories of these individuals and the inspiration behind their strive for freedom and justice are not particularly known to millions of people across the globe. This is where Carl E. Moyler is looking to offer a unique twist to history and let readers know more about the likes of Albert Camus and Martin Luther King Jr.

History cannot forget the contributions of Albert Camus and Martin Luther King Jr., who are role models that have showed what it takes to fight for and obtain freedom and justice, living out their passions for the cause. These two are well remembered across the globe with several individuals and civil rights group describing them in different amazing words such as “For all who have sought to make a difference in the lives of men by their service and life, and to lighten the dark places of the earth” (Source: inscription on the wall of the Civil Rights Museum, 16th street, Birmingham, Alabama, USA).

In “On Freedom and Revolt: A Comparative Investigation,” Carl looks at the childhood of both individuals and the circumstances surrounding their growing up, which can be attributed to who they eventually grew up to be. The book also talks about what Camus and King stood for and how they continuously revolted for freedom until they achieved their aim.

Unlike many books of history that are usually vague and offer very little about the fight for freedom and justice, particularly among marginalized folks, “On Freedom and Revolt: A Comparative Investigation” offers a more detailed look relayed in an easy to understand language, consequently allowing anyone and everyone to fully understand the content and easily relate with the travails of these heroes.

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