New Generation Tags Releases One Piece Re-Usable Eco-Friendly Auto Service Tags March 2019

New Generation Tags will be launching its new revolutionary re-usable, eco-friendly auto service tags in March 2019. The innovative service tags are made of heavy duty material featuring the dealership’s information and instead of using multiple paper tags which can pile up costs in no time, these one piece re-usable tags have pre-printed flaps that fold out of the way when services are finished and are ready to use again and again.

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New Generation Tags are committed to providing efficient tags that will help cut out wasteful, ineffective areas of the industry and all the information necessary for creating the perfect product comes from insider knowledge of dealerships and service departments.

Speaking about the new product, CEO, Serial entrepreneur, and inventor Sam Komeha says “It’s about time that all dealerships start saving money and be eco-friendly utilizing our reusable eco-friendly service tags.”

Thousands of dollars are being wasted yearly on paper auto service tags and these reusable service tags provide an economical and eco-friendly solution to the wastage of valuable natural resources by dealerships across the country. The tag will effectively cut down costs up to 75% by taking out single-use paper tags and improving turnaround time since dealerships don’t have to worry about marking and checking multiple tags. This automatically translates to better productivity and more satisfied customers.  The tag is made from sturdy material which ensures its longevity. They can also be personalized for dealership branding.

As part of the company’s marketing drive, New Generation Tags is offering a special pre-launch discount for 100 reusable service tags for $997 instead of $1997, a 50% introductory discount.

About New Generation Service Tags

New Generation Tags are inventors committed to providing solutions to everyday problems in the auto industry. The company has as its core mission the desire to revolutionize the way service centers operate by replacing outdated paper service tag system with a new and innovative reusable service tag system.

With many years experience in the automotive industry, the brains behind New Generation Service Tags are focused on providing solutions to the problems dealerships face every day. They are committed to not only saving more money for their clients but helping to save the planet – New Generation are the most environmentally friendly for this reason.

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