Amen, the first of its kind cryptocurrency monetary ecosystem to buy and sell everyday goods and services worldwide launch their ICO

Amen is a new cryptocurrency ecosystem that aims to create a true world cryptocurrency monetary ecosystem to buy and sell everyday goods and services all over the world. They have recently launched their ICO and invite the interested investors to be a part of a thriving cryptocurrency project. It addresses and solves the shortcomings associated with existing cryptocurrencies such as longer transaction time and lack of feasibility to use them for buying everyday goods and services. It is an independent stable currency backed by 1-for-1 with the local currencies of all the countries in the world.

Unlike many other existing digital currencies that focus on replacing the fiat currency, Amen will coexist in harmony with the traditional fiat currencies around the world by becoming an alternative payment method. Amen will provide a secure payment system that is fast, safe from financial institutions and dictators, it strives to save the global economy from inflation and recession.

Amen Dollar (Amen$) is divided into 153 local Amen cryptocurrencies for 207 countries, which will foster the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies to buy and sell everyday goods and services worldwide. Amen will help the countries with the economic crisis by introducing cryptocurrencies that will tackle corruption, inflation, and recession.  Being decentralized in nature means, that the government or bank institutions will have no control over Amen’s price. It can be called the new USD of the world with an ICO introduction value of 0.0009 USD.

Features and Advantages of Amen:

  • It is an Open Source, Secured, liquid, Decentralized blockchain World Stable Currency backed by all the fiat currency in the world including USD, Euro, Chinese Renminbi (CNY), Saudi Arabia riyal and trusted by everyone.
  • Amen is backed by Amen mobile wallet and Amen point of Sale which will be available for free download worldwide. It can handle unlimited transactions per second using Amen’s new M2M (Mobile to Mobile) offline technology.
  • Amen is also establishing a global network of partners including retailers, supermarket, mobile recharge centers, currency exchange location and anyone having an Amen wallet or Amen Point of Sale to help people to exchange their local fiat currency with Amen.
  • It will also create Amen escrow legal service offices in partnership with existing escrow law offices all over the world to help the peer to peer lending between Amen users.
  • If a country’s economy collapses, Amen will buy back existing credit cards debt and mortgages from the banks for bargain prices and restructure and ease the monthly payments to help people get out of debt.
  • Amen microlending in partnership with charity organizations will be established in every city in the world to help the poor to improve their living condition.

Amen has greater chances of getting accepted worldwide because its cryptocurrency will have the same name as the local currency. Unlike many major cryptocurrencies with huge costs of energy consumption for mining, Amen is eco-friendly as it replaces mining with rewards for buyers, sellers, and partners worldwide. More information about Amen and their ICO is available on their official website.

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