Launching of An innovative solution to a daily life nuisance: Griprose rethinks attaching and detaching

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Repeated attaching and detaching, be it a lamp on a ceiling or picture on the wall, has always been problematic. Adhesives work well the first time, screws are always tedious. Is the world ready for a solution where fastening is done in just a click?

Griprose snaplock system consists of two parts that attach simply by pushing them into place. A distinctive click signifies a successful attachment, making technology idiot-proof. Griprose is an ideal solution for scenarios that involve repeated and frequent attaching and detaching of objects.

In 2020 changing ceiling lamps will only take seconds

Sami Ylikahri, CEO of Griprose Oy. Sami Ylikhari says, “The Griprose technology is about to alter the entire way we think about fastening”.

“Let’s take ceiling lamps for instance: assembling or changing them is a laborious task – with Griprose snaplock, either would take just a few seconds”, says Ylikahri. And that is just one tiny example. Applications of Griprose technology can vary from refined robotics to event industry! From consumer products to seafaring!

The winning feature of Griprose technology is indeed innovative: Griprose fastens objects without any need for rotation. This enables integration with electricity, data and their combinations.

One click for mechanical and electrical connection

Griprose Oy, a growing start-up company based in Helsinki, Finland, is setting out to revolutionize attaching and detaching in a variety of industries by introducing Griprose solutions that support IoT technologies.

The vision is to provide businesses and homeowners alike snap locks with different connections.

“The mechanical Griprose is now tested and available. The Griprose team is available to discuss and demo their realized vision with business owners and OEM manufacturers alike. The next step is a Kickstarter campaign in March 2019 to accelerate to product development of adaptive connectivity. Our vision includes electricity, data, and optical fibre integrations to Griprose in 2020”, says Ylikahri.

Industry-related examples can be added here, for instance:

Useful applications of Griprose are basically unlimited. In the event industry, for instance, assembling and taking down structures repeatedly takes remarkable amounts of time and effort. Griprose is a real game-changer since there has not been such fast, safe and tool-free solution available before.

Tested to last 10 000 fastenings

Griprose snaplock is small enough to fit in the palm of a hand, yet it can be fastened as many as 10 000 times – which equals three fastenings a day for 10 years.

Besides extreme durability Griprose is tested to be secure and strong: just one Griprose snaplock can support hanging weight of 1 000 kilograms.

More technical info and qualities can be added here if needed.

First models available now:

• The first models of Griprose are available for purchase via

• Variety of adapters are offered as well, making Griprose a secure method of fastening for a number of industries.

• Designers and engineers can make orders for product samples and 3D models for conducting compatibility testing.

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