Author Peter Oliver launches five-book series on Real Estate that will help anyone close the deal successfully

Inspired by lessons from the best-selling book Rich Dad Poor Dad, author Peter Oliver launches a new five-book series on real estate that describe the end to end process of managing and completing this business successfully. These guides are not for real estate professionals but rather for the 12 million buyers and sellers who go through this process each year. Being unprepared can be dangerous in this industry and may cause significant financial losses which is why Peter transformed his experience and expertise in real estate into 5 easy to read guide packed with all the things buyers and sellers should watch out for.

An important lesson Peter learned from Rich Dad is to always build up one’s asset column. One of these assets could be real estate, but before he could run in the real estate industry, he had to learn to walk.  

At the beginning of his career, Peter was intimidated by the multiple surprises that creeped up during the process of buying, owning, renting, and selling a real estate property. Despite all that, he kept learning and as a side endeavor, he obtained his real estate license early in his career to save 3% of the commission fees for his own investments in real estate. This may not be possible for everyone which is why the five-book series by Peter was created. The series consists of the following guides:

1. Picking the right agent.
2. Navigating property options. 
3. Finding the right mortgage.
4. Buying, selling, and leasing agreements. 
5. Closing the deal. 

These books feature simple, concise and real lessons that help individuals to manage the real estate process. This is especially important for first time home buyers who according to recent studies are more likely than not to be surprised by the hidden fees and costs of this process. Worse, many end up owing even more money after they’ve bought their home. The difference between the successful average person and the unsuccessful one is simply knowledge. Being prepared can literally translate to future cash savings.

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