ENDo.Radio Seeks Singer-Songwriters to Share Their Music

Los Angeles, CA – Jan 30, 2019 – Sponsored by ENDo Brands, the newly launched ENDo.Radio is inviting singer songwriters to submit original music for airplay on its website – ENDoRadioNow. And, its tagline – “Fuel Your Calm Radio” – is creating a buzz. ENDo artists from around the world have already jumped on board. ENDo.Radio has already received submissions from artists in Spain and Australia.

“We believe music is an important part of our charter to help feed the mind, body and soul,” says Vic Morrison, Executive VP of Right On Brands Corporate Development.  Right On Brands, Inc. (RTON:OTCMarkets) markets and distributes CDB enriched products for the health and wellness market. We want all of our customers to have multiple ways to “Fuel their Calm.”

ENDo artists are a diverse lot. Shaun Outen is an up and coming RedDirt/Texas Country music artists and the first artist signed to ENDo Records; Michael Ingalls delivers thought-provoking lyrics in a soulful vibe; Aubrey Lynne is known as the “Texas Songbird;” and King Zero is a fusion band that incorporates reggae, punk and hip hop.

Singer songwriters who are interested in joining this fiercely independent community should submit original music in an MP3 format along with appropriate cover art or photo to be viewed while the song plays. Artists are also encouraged to share social media links so listeners can learn more.  ENDo artists will be promoted through its ENDo Records Brands.

While ENDo Radio is open to all genres and there’s no charge for submission, the group does reserve the right to refuse any songs it deems inappropriate for its audience. So far, more than a dozen artists have joined ENDo Radio and are excited about the opportunity to share their messages and talent with the world.

Plans are also in the works to add ENDo Radio LIVE broadcasts from venues that support the ENDo lifestyle. For example, if a restaurant sells ENDo Water, a live ENDo radio show can be broadcast from that location to cross promote the business, products and music.

Much like the “Fuel Your Calm Radio,” message, ENDo Brands produces hemp-infused water that promises to “Fuel the Body and the Mind.”

“The creation of ENDo Radio is a natural complement to our mission,” Verrill says.

About ENDo Brands

ENDo Brands makes wellness products with its proprietary ENDO HEMP OIL, a cannabinoid-rich full spectrum plant extract. ENDo products are formulated to give the body and mind the best nutrients for success. For more information, please visit https://www.ENDoBrands.com.  ENDo Brands products are produced and distributed by Right On Brands, Inc., a publicly-traded company whose symbol is RTON (OTCMarkets).

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