Luxury Skin Care of Made in China – SR-R Beautify Yourself Now Officially Releases

Reported by Zhuzhu

On January 26, 2019 (Beijing time), the luxury skin care of Chinese make, SR•R was officially released. The same day, the brand’s new product launch was also held in Chengdu, China, in which, 92 skin care products were released. Tang Shanbing, the Founder of SR•R and the President of Sichuan Houjie Biotechnology Co., Ltd., said that the brand concept of SR•R is to create Chinese luxury brand of skin care, promote green health and resist chemical substances. It carefully selects effective plants, through cold pressure extraction and extraction methods, targets plant essence as raw materials for deployment, to achieve private customization as well as different solutions for different problems. In this way, making the skin enjoy personalized customization, while SR•R creates Chinese original independent brand of high-end skin care products!

According to presentations, SR•R Beautify Yourself Now is the skin care brand of Sichuan Houjie Biotechnology Co., Ltd. While, French Self-respect·Renascence (Asia) Cosmetics Company focuses on global sales and intelligent manufacture of beauty factory in wisdom. Products are divided into three series, a total of 92 types of products, and its beauty flagship store is located in East Street of Chengdu City with a total area of more than 1000 square meters of comprehensive private high-end platform. SR•R will provide a full range of customized services for each customer!

On May 10, 2017, China ushered in the first “China Brand Day”, which marked that China’s brand strategy has risen to an unprecedented height. This is the background of the era that Chinese independent brands opened up a new era, laid a new foundation and brought new frontiers. Over the past two years, many domestic brands have been emerging and made continuous in-depth expansion worldwide along with the Belt and Road Initiative, which is a historic opportunity for Chinese brands to occupy the global highlands. We expect SR•R to create Chinese own skin care brand leader to conquer the global market and shock the world.

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