Skip The Waiting Room And Talk To A Doctor Online

Portland, Ore. – Today, many people fear going to the doctor and picking up another virus in the waiting room. Wait times are long, costs are high and people are busier than ever in this fast-paced society. Chat Live MD provides a virtual platform that will help people get the care they need quickly without having to visit a doctor’s office. They can talk to a doctor online and get necessary advice or prescription refills. “It’s a quick and easy way to talk to doctors online,” said a company spokesperson. “You can talk to a doctor online 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

One of the company’s strictest internal policies is to only hire physicians who are properly licensed. In addition to primary care physicians and pediatricians, there are obstetricians, gynecologists, psychologists, therapists and dermatologists. When necessary, the doctors can prescribe some types of medications and can send them to a member’s local pharmacy. The company wants Americans to know that its services are available to anyone. Although the services come with a cost structure, the company does not require patients to have health insurance. Email and phone consultations are also options for people who do not have access to a computer, tablet or smartphone. Members have unlimited consultations without any hidden fees or co-payments.

According to a video on the company’s website, 80 percent of Americans search for their symptoms or for a suspected condition on the internet before they set foot in a health care facility. However, anyone can post medical information on blogs, and non-professional people often make reputable-looking sites that others mistake for medical advice from licensed physicians. Since not all information online is accurate, the practice of using online tips or advice instead of talking to a doctor can delay a person’s illness or put the individual in more danger. Another problem is that online information is generalized. Each person has a unique medical history and other factors that must be considered for an accurate diagnosis.

With the platform’s 24/7 availability structure, patients who work during regular business hours have easy access to advice from qualified medical professionals. In the past, very few people could talk to their doctor online. Many people who worked during regular business hours had to pay more to visit an urgent care facility or a hospital. In smaller towns, emergency room use for non-emergency issues is still widespread since many people do not have an urgent care facility nearby. This leaves people with the options of visiting an emergency room, taking time away from work if possible, waiting for the next day off or going without medical care. Chat Live MD’s platform is designed to work around the busy lives of its members. This platform is also designed to help people who travel frequently. If a member has access to a regular phone or an internet connection, the member can still request help away from home.

Parents who must stay home to care for their small children often have a hard time taking them to the doctor, and this is another concern that the platform addresses. If there are multiple small children in the home, taking them all to the doctor’s office may result in a healthy child picking up a virus in the waiting room. With several qualified pediatricians available at the click of a button, concerned parents can find out how to help a child who has non-emergency symptoms. Parents can ask as many questions as they wish in a day.

In some cases, the platform may be a starting place for people who need hands-on medical care. A physician will tell a patient if she or he thinks that the patient needs local services. Some examples of the conditions that are common with people who talk to their doctor online with this platform are asthma, cold, flu, high blood pressure, pink eye, constipation, urinary tract infection and ear infection. From questions about vaccination age suggestions for children to dietary questions regarding elderly adults, the company’s physicians can provide prompt answers that people may otherwise have to wait days to have answered by a local family doctor. features a demonstration video that shows how its online and telehealth services work, and the company invites visitors to view it to learn how to talk to doctors online. The company has been featured on major publications such as ABC, Digital Journal, The Daily Herald and Ask. Its web-based live chat platform is powered by MyTelemedicine. To learn more, please visit or contact the company by phone or email. The company also maintains its social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Pinterest.

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