Paxiom Group Announces ValTara SRL As Newest Partner

After a quarter-century in business, Paxiom Group has delivered more than four thousand machines globally. The firm invests heavily in infrastructure, tools, training and dedicated employees who care about their products.

Paxiom Group Inc is pleased to announce that ValTara SRL is now the newest partner for the group. The focus of the company is in providing packaging automation solutions for clients. More than 4000 machines globally have been delivered over the quarter-century in business. The company invests heavily in infrastructure, tools, training and a team of incredibly dedicated employees who genuinely care about the products they deliver and the people who use them.

The Paxiom Xperience assists in putting all the pieces of the puzzle together for any packaging automation project. The purpose of the Xperience is to provide the best buying process possible. The process creates an environment where customers are able to see, try, touch and test the packaging machines, using their own products and/or packages. This allows the customer to confidently choose the best possible solutions for their specific needs.

A spokesperson for the company explained, “Our focus has always been in offering our customers incredible value for their investment. Whether value derives from the quality of our products, our ability to grow with you over time, our proactive service team, quick delivery, our price point, our dedicated staff or the opportunity to see and try our packaging machine solutions at our Xperience Center or all of the above, you can rest assured that we always strive to provide exceptional value.”

He continues, “We employ mechanical engineers, software specialists, project managers, quality assurance managers, highly skilled fabricators and experienced assemblers. Time is money and we understand the importance of uptime. We work efficiently to ensure our customers receive the best support possible. At Paxiom we employ a team of field service technicians, real-time web online support, phone technical specialists, dedicated parts representatives as well as state-of-the-art service management software to ensure we are the most organized service department possible.”

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