Analog Digitale Recordings New Releases by Zhitkur Roswell & “Mile High” Mike Colin

Zhitkur Roswell “Millennial Axiom” is an 11 song album, the combined effort of Mike Colin (music) and his son Jovian Lucero-Colin (lyrics and vocals) to be released on Analog Digitale Records, at the end of January 2019 across all digital platforms.
Concurrently released will be a new 6 song E.P. by Mike Colin entitled “Stupefaction Stupahstar.”
Both are of a self identified genre called #ElectroAmericana, which Mike describes as “American music post-jazz and country. You know, Blues, Rock, Hip Hop,Electronica, Pop, Trap, Crunk, Grime, Hifi, Lofi, The Macarena, Childrens Music….”
As for this writer, I would say that they sound like well-crafted, thought-provoking modern funky rock ditties in the fashions of Mike’s proverbial musical mentors such as Prince, The Rolling Stones,  Paul McCartney, Iggy Pop, Adam Ant, David Bowie, Nine Inch Nails, OutKast and Timbaland.  
I sat down with Mike and Jovian to talk about these new releases on a cold, snowy morning in January at a Starbucks in Littleton, Colorado.
“Zhitkur Roswell is a name that I’ve been Producing and DJ-ing with since the 2000’s and Millennial Axiom is the name of Jovian’s musical output which he has been working on since 2010 or so,” Mike states in between sips of coffee, “We have done a few tracks together along the way and this is a continuation and expansion of that with an eye to the future. Jovian has a couple albums of material we need to record and Zhitkur will make some more tracks without a doubt, and then me and Jovian will make some more tracks together.”
“How old were you when Jovian was born?” I asked with some hesitation. Looking at Mike, it’s hard to believe he has a 30 year old son, even though the two are clearly related. “I was 18. I am going to be 48 this year, but I don’t look a day over 47, I know,” Mike laughs hard and grins big. “Jovian was going to be my stage name when I was 15. Jovian Pierce. It’s also one of the moons of Jupiter.”
Mike whips out his phone and opens up the 23 and Me app, proceeding to show me his DNA family which clearly shows Jovian as his son.
“This says you have three other children?” I am somewhat astonished. 
“Daughters. All of them great. The oldest one, Hana, is a singer/songwriter too and is in a band named The Neuroses with her partner Josh Tucci out in Los Angeles.” Mike is clearly proud of his children. “Jovian has really come in to his own as vocalist and producer. He’s always been a talented songwriter and musician.”
Any which way you call it the music of Mike Colin, Zhitkur Roswell, Millennial Axiom, and The Neuroses is Modern American Music worth a listen:
“The Family of Noise is here and it’s time to save you and me” – Adam Ant
Interview/Press Release by Jean-Paul Georges 
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