Leslie R. Green’s Latest Book, God Doesn\’t Make Mistakes: Learning How Our Missteps Fit Into His Perfect Plan, Called “A Testament To The Power Of Faith”

January 31st, 2019 – After experiencing one of the most challenging and transformational periods in her life, Leslie R. Green put pen to paper on a mission to praise His role in her finding her way to a blessed and more fulfilling life. The resulting book, God Doesn’t Make Mistakes: Learning How Our Missteps Fit Into His Perfect Plan, which is now available on Amazon.com, is a powerful testimony to His wisdom, goodness and perfect plan, as well as a comforting reassurance to those who think that their faults have somehow prevented them from receiving His grace.

“There are no mistakes that can in any way alter the perfect plan God has devised for each and every one of us” said Green. “We might stray in our paths; we may fall prey to our desires, yet we always find our way back through His prompting. God Doesn’t Make Mistakes is the recounting of one of the most challenging seasons in my life, interspersed with the lessons my trials taught me about His unconditional love and continuous presence in my life. My wish is that readers are inspired to seek out His grace and know that they are not forgotten by their Father, no matter their missteps in life.”

Green’s story is interwoven with few key entries from her personal journal chronicling the turbulent, life-altering period she went through; the revelations made to her as she came out of it, changed; and the biblical principles that came to define her experience.

God Doesn’t Make Mistakes: Learning How Our Missteps Fit Into His Perfect Planis available for purchase in paperback and Kindle editions on Amazon.com

About Leslie R. Green

An entrepreneur of nearly fifteen years, Leslie Green is the founder and CEO of Golden Life Ventures, LLC, a travel and communications company. She also recently launched a new division, Golden Life Ministries, where she speaks and writes about the Christian faith.

Her first love is music and entertainment, and she currently serves as the creative director, as well as singer and songwriter for Greenhouse Entertainment, her family-run music production company.

Leslie is committed to living life boldly and to the fullest—what she calls the golden life—and desires to help others experience a golden and abundant life.

She is an active member of her church, Zion Church, where she serves on several ministries, and volunteers at Calvary Women’s Services, a transitional home for homeless women. Her hobbies include cooking, dancing, and listening to live music. Leslie lives in Washington, DC.

To learn more, visit her website at www.goldenlifeventures.com.

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