Human Rights Activist Now Active in Malawi

Jeffrey Smith an American Human rights activist has been taking an active part in Malawi’s local politics. Malawi is one of the only countries in the region to hold constitutional and democratic rights and choosing leaders of their choice during election. Now Mr. Smith is being confronted with serious allegations after claiming against the current government and the president. According to different sources in Malawi he has been contracted by the country’s vice President Saulos Chilima to rig the coming tripartite elections, which are scheduled to take Place on May 21. With substantial founding coming from “credible” Nigerian supporters of Mr. Chilima.

As we have already seen on numerous occasions, nothing is really beneath Malawian Vice President Saulos Chilima who after failing to topple the country’s President Arthur Peter Mutharika and never succeeded to took the mantle of leadership for the ruling Democratic Progressive Party in the run to 2019 elections, he formed his movement which later turned into a political party, in return starting to work against the very same government he worked for and against the will of Malawians.

The man Saulos Chilima has engaged to rig the elections, Jeffrey Smith, masquerades as an American human rights activist, but in all honesty, he is a ‘Regime Change Agent’ in Africa. By his own admission he also provided U.S. Government contacts with regular programming and political updates for the African continent. This definitely ‘bought’ him a few ‘new friends’… Smith is currently the Executive Director of Vanguard Africa, ‘a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting free and fair election processes and consolidating pro-democracy forces in Sub Saharan Africa’ and also dedicated to… protecting the interests of the US government in the continent. Smith extensively uses social media to advance his evil agenda. He engages formidable Public Relations manipulators to achieve his goals. He is a master of the ‘framing effect’.

He was allegedly involved in Gambia’s regime change in 2016; he helped oust the-then President Yayah Jammeh and put in his place a US-friendly figure, Adama Barrow. All for the good of the Gambian people of course…not for the capitalist American pockets. He also reportedly orchestrated the recent political upheaval in Zimbabwe, as he works for the opposition party ‘Movement for Democratic Change’; yes, American political consultants are willing to go to great lengths to ensure that their candidates win presidential elections or have a favourable public image. Smith’s name was also linked to similar incidents in Gabon and Kenya. He is also currently meddling in Algerian politics as he is very busy working with the opposition to oust sitting President, Abdelaziz Bouteflika.

It now appears that Malawi is next on the list. Chilima recently went on a ‘private trip’ to Washington DC. As you can imagine the trip was not that private, since Twitter was flooded with pictures of a smiling Chilima with Jeffrey Smith at the Voice of America (VOA) international multimedia Agency. According to sources close to Chilima, the duo had a four-hour meeting planning the details of the upcoming Malawian elections; as in, how to rig them and how Smith and other US coteries will benefit from the deal. Because it is well-known that foreign interference entities genuinely care about the welfare of the people around the world… and no doubt this is also the case with Malawi.

Dirty Jeffrey Smith has spent years seemingly relentless in his quest to make capital and money from meddling in Africa’s poor countries. He takes advantage of greedy and unpatriotic politicians like Saulos Chilima to make his multi-million dollar election rigging deals at the expense of poor and innocent citizens. What is more is that where his rigging attempts fails, he resorts to sponsor post elections violence which often times leads to loss of innocent lives and property rendering targeted countries poorer.

Chilima has reportedly promised Smith and his acolytes a myriad of economic deals and benefits, IF they help him win the elections. Well, worst case scenario, they can always rig them; Smith is a proved subject-matter expert. Funny how Americans hate it when other nations meddle in their internal affairs… or elections, but they, themselves, do it on a regular basis -without the same scruples for that matter – in any country that such schemes are feasible, again ‘on the guise of the good’.

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